Friday, April 2, 2010


  This morning - before I head out to the gym and grab an hour of workout to clear/relax the brain - I think back on what I love about movies - why I work these hours on this art.... what drives me so - to feel such passion for something.....
         reason for sure is:    I love stories.     Love them.

    Another reason - well -  I think back - back to a time when I was growing up and was extremely happy:

    See - my parents always tried to have a traditional dinner time - around 6:30 - everyday -  we would all be sitting around the table eating dinner - and talking/laughing.   About everything - the day and life in general - I was lucky - I know this -  my parents were/are very open minded and very - well... let's say - worldly and thoughtful.  Never - ever - not once - did I have a hard lined opinion shoved down my throat.  Not when it came to religion/politics/ideology/music - anything really. Rarely did I ever get - this is the way it is - type of answer. Never did I have a - I have to believe this or I won't accept you scenario shoved upon me. Ever - I am lucky there I think. I would however get an answer that told me how they themselves thought about an issue - but - they always left the door open for other opinions - for my opinion - for me to make my own mind up - find my own answers. Always.

My dad(s) answer to me a lot when I would test out my ideas openly - Hmmmm. At the time it drove me crazy - now I understand he was teaching me so much by letting me form ideas and figure out my thoughts and ideas - without judgement.

The bad about this was - my poor parents had to put up with one topic challenging teenager as I passionately challenged all issues and points-of-view - and since I valued their opinions so much - they were the ones I would challenge and try to impress by proving anything they thought or said - poor parents lol - I'm sure they were like - WTF did we do to do deserve this lol.

Only after I became adult did I realize that I consider myself one of the luckiest individuals on the planet - for I have two parents that believe in whatever I try and do - completely - they believe in me - which gives me the courage to try things when others raise an eyebrow - and since they both have had several of their own business - they completely and wholeheartedly understand what it takes to try and create your own business or project - and never put pressure on me to do anything but dedicate myself to getting something done.  They understand and encourage - they don't guilt me into taking time off for their own wants - in fact they encourage me to do what it takes. The one exception is Christmas lol - I am expected home for that - but other than that - if we had to go three years without seeing each other - they'd be on the phone every single day encouraging me to push hard and they are behind me and it's all good - that they love me - and believe that I can do it. 

And if I quit tom'w - they be fine with that too.

It's what keeps me going - hourly.

I'm lucky. I know this.

Anyway - after dinner - we'd all get together and sit down in the living room and watch movies or TV - and during every single commercial we'd discuss, like-no-ones-business, what we just saw. And every Saturday night we would pile in the car and go see a movie - and - during the summer, my mom and I would skip off to a midday movie - and - afterwards spend the rest of the day talking over every aspect of the movie.

Why it was grand - why it sucked - who was a grand actor - who just had a breakout performance. How the movie fit into our lives - or didn't. What Roger Ebert or Gene Siskel had wrote about the movie - what the local critic had wrote about the movie - did we agree with what they said - what trailer looked awesome.....

It was literally - a huge grand part of my life.

One of the best parts of my life actually.

So - with that history - why do you go - or love - movies?

Anyways - NO-Xplode kicking in - time for gym - but here's some grand trailers of movies I'm looking forward to seeing and sharing conversation with in the near future:

Three great looking movies - personally - I can't wait to see them.

And lastly - if you are one who does not have a support system - if you ever feel like you've got no one who supports your path of making movies extreme indie style - know you've got a friend here - I don't care if I like the type of movie you are making - what I do believe in is this - if it's something you feel a passion about - do it. You're here on this planet for a very short time - no reason whatsoever not to do what it is that brings you passion and allows you to be proud of what you do on a daily basis. It ain't easy - it is work - a lot of work - but - if you're gonna' work - work hard on something you love.

I'm just sayin'

Oklahoma Ward.




  1. Great storywriters come from great life experiences. It seems as though you have had a great experience so far.

  2. So far - good - long long way to go - the grand thing I think is that not only do I love my stories - which is true of most writers and movie makers - why in the hell else would they do this lol - but I love other stories form other people too - I find people and how and what they think fascinating - it never really occurs to me to try and change what they think - I have no problem sharing what I think if asked - but in truth - I really dog hearing others opinion on things. Which brings me too - Craig - what about movies is it that drives you - I find it fascinating that we both crave this industry - and yet - I was asked just the other day - what does Craig love about the movie business - and or what type of movies... I really couldn't answer that - I do know you liked Battlestar on SyFy and was glad you tuned that onto me - it was a grand series - but as far as movies - I was like - I don't know - I'll have to ask him - so lol - here we are - what drives you about movies?

  3. Why I love movies..hmm..well... I can remember the first movie that I loved - Hocus Pocus - that's right - go ahead and laugh - but I remember how much I loved that movie and my best friend and I used to immitate it all the time. That's where it all started...I knew in that moment - That's what I wanna do! I want to be a part of something that can effect people the way that movie effected me as a child. I've felt this way about movies ever since. I can see a great movie - Magnolia for example and be deeply effected by it for days/weeks... think about it, analyze it, discuss it - hell most of the time watch it twice just to be part of that world for another 2 hours.

    I love watching movies and always have - and I don't think there is another art form on this planet that can completely engulf all of your senses the way movies can - and I love that feeling. I love the idea of taking a glimpse into another persons life and story and watching them go through ordinary (or not so ordinary) scenarios - and how they react, how they handle it. I find it so interesting and challenging and ever changing - it's just glorious. I can't say enough...I think I could literally go on for hours - but I won't. ;)

  4. Oh - and - yeah - SUPER excited to see Salt!

  5. I hear ya Nikki - which makes me think - Im not sure the movie itself is the whole reason we love movies - my example is such - I think one reason is - yes the experience/the the escape and the pure entertainment a movie has while viewing it is grand - but also the experience it gives us - afterwards - the connecting and sharing our experience the movie gave us - with others. How grand is it to see a wonderful film and afterwards meet some people and go - oh my god you have to see this movie - it was scary/funny/intense etc - and find someone else who loves the same movie - forget about it - the two people will go off reciting lines etc. It's as if movies - good ones - can provide an external experience outside the theater - one that connects us with other people. Not everyone is like that - I actually know people who don't talk about a movie - even if they liked it - why - beyond me - I usually learn pretty quick that those types of people - I don't have much in common with lol - but whatever floats the boat I suppose - some do this with paintings - some with football cards - some with business etc - I do this with movies - and I love finding people who love a certain movie and want to share that with others. So - I am beginning to think - that while yes the actual experience of sitting in a theater and watching physically experiencing a movie is a huge part of the movie experience - the aftereffect - the connecting and sharing and word of mouth that happens after a movie viewing - is just as powerful and grand.

    I'm just sayin'

  6. I think I have been through literally EVERY known emotion at least once while watching a movie. Yep... all of them.

  7. For me, it is about the creativity. I have been creative all my life, even when it was not the time for it. I oil paint, make metal sculptures, created my own driftwood art, weld wire frame art, draw, air brush, and on and on. Besides "typical" catagories of art like these I also restored a rowboat better than it ever would have been new. I customized a truck bed like none had ever been done. I created and machined/fabricated an aperatus to provide a way to enable newly built motor vehicles to drive off the carriers they were built on.

    As many have told me, I am creative. It is a driving passion that I have. It doesn't need to be in any particular field, and in fact NEEDS to be in different fields. Once I have done something, maybe several times, I have had accomplishments in that pursuit. Now I wish to be challenged in a different way.

    I was 13 when Star Wars hit the screens. I HAD to know how all of that was done. The creativity of the whole thing had me hooked. I spent years afterwards researching every source of material I could find to learn about the people involved in making Star Wars, what they did, how they did it, and how they figured out how to do it. That was in the day when most all special effects had to be created in reality instead of a computer, and it had to look real. THAT is what got me. I started kit bashing models to come up with my own sci-fi vehicles, played with black powder and baking powder (not baking soda which is not as white) to replicate scale explosions in snow, shooting film with an 8mm silent film camera, blowing up scale balsa wood buildings.

    So now I am doing this myself, creating people, places, and the events that go on in these places that come out of my head. This is a way to let the things that go on in my imagination come out and to enable other people to see and experience them as well. Even if I weren't into writing scripts or making films these "things," people, places, events, would still be going on in my mind. If I write a script about it or make a film about it then I am considered normal.

    It's like Robbin Williams says about stand-up comedy. It is legallized insanity. If he did these things on the street they would lock him up. If he does it in a comedy club they throw money at him.

  8. Ok, I didn't mean to scare everyone away. :P

    I am thinking of getting a shirt made up that says "I'm not weird, I'm creative".

  9. Just watched the three trailers and they do look good. The Square looks pretty intriging to me and of course, I was caught by the comparison to Body Heat. Still love that movie. Salt will be fun to watch but we do know that super agents always make it. In love triangles, who knows what is going to happen except BAD! Mercy looks pretty interesting too. What will make any of the three good is the interaction between the characters, and how we can relate our experiences or beliefs to them. But we love to be surprised too. I mentioned watching a segment of The Tudors last night and as I watched the Queen and Culpepper have wild sex while the King was sleeping in another room, and since they are all people in the then political court of the times, I am reminded of how little politicians have changed over the many years. They seem to forget they will be caught and exposed. I want to ask Culpepper if he has picked out his chopping block outfit and if it matches the Queen's outfit. Sometimes I think we humans cannot live without danger of some kind hovering over our heads. Life would be too bland.

  10. Don't we all love stories? My movie experience started many many years ago in grade school to the small local movie theater. Dad took us so it was westerns most weekends, (Gene Autrey and Roy Rogers). Didn't care, still loved them. Mom took us to dramas once in a great while. Loved them too. We weren't allowed to go to monster movies and never saw a musical until I was a teen. Guess my parents didn't like musicals. First "monster" movie I saw was "The Thing." Pretty scary to me at the time or suspenseful, whichever. But I made up for lost time on this one. Going back to the local movie theatre. ... a kid in my grade school was the luckiest kid in the world, as far as I was concerned. His Dad owned the theatre!!!! As we went in with our ticket and bought a popcorn, there he would be, behind the counter with his Dad, by the popcorn and pop machine. I couldn't imagine anyone being so blessed. All the movies, popcorn, and pop he could watch, eat or drink, or at least thats what I thought. The things we learn to love and envy. What a Life! I've heard my husband talk about listening to radio serials breathlessly every week. My childhood didn't use the radio for our stories, we had the movies. Later tv but movies were our golden idol. TV is now very enjoyable too. At least some of it. Just a few thoughts.