Monday, May 31, 2010

ACTORS TIP: Longevity....a lost art?

Back in the day - it seems like once you "made it" as an A-list actor - you were golden. You had a career that would last and people couldn't wait to see your films. Hell - most of the greats are still making films and winning awards (Meryl, De Niro, Clint Eastwood etc.) But today - longevity is a lost art. With all the media outlets to learn about our favorite stars - we can access information about them at any given time - and when a star 'takes off' it seems there is a feeding frenzy that happens with fans and the media and they are shoved in our faces 24 hours a day - no mystery. We can find anything from what their favorite food is to how they spend their weekends - all with the click of a mouse. Hollywood stars weren't always as accessible - and I think the mystery is what kept people interested and always wanting more.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

MOVIE FAN CHAT: Top 3 Horror Movie Must Have's

Wednesday morning and a beautiful sunny day ahead of us.  I was going to do this yesterday but got diverted so will start again.

The three scary elements in a horror movie:  Suspense, first of all.  Suspense is agonizing to me and I react very strongly to it.  Music or sounds also contribute greatly to the suspense.  Since I don't watch or go to many gory horror movies, I can't say about that aspect.  Some of the present horror movies like the Saw series seem to be more about how much torture, blood and gore can be spilled.  The idea of Elm Street series was so scary to me I didn't watch them.  But the Audition was terrifying and very suspenseful and full of mystery.  Psycho was so scary, the suspense, the terrifying image in our heads of some wild, murderous maniacal insane old woman was overwhelming but there was mystery too. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


24  So I guess everyone watched the last of 24.  I thought it was very good last night.  No happy ending but at least Jack is alive, even though exiled and the Russians and US after him.  Not too bad.  lol  It was sad not being able to watch previews of the upcoming shows.  Hate to see the program end.  Jack is one tough cookie, isn't he?  If they do make a movie I assume they will pick up on the ending of the tv series.  Will be interesting to see the old President's recovery from his self inflicted wound and whether he will be brain damaged or not.  I'm sure whatever brain is left will be as devious as the undamaged one.  He is one crafty, mean, liar isn't he?  And no qualms about killing a co-conspirator either.  Looking forward to more on 24 in whatever method is used.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

FILMMAKING: Covering Your Butt

So I am going to make a short film featuring the 1966 Mustang that I built for my wife. We paid cash for the car, it's titled and registered in her name, and I worked on it countless hours rebuilding it, replacing parts, and customizing it. My DNA is on the car in the form of skin and blood from my knuckles. I even created some new cuss words while working on it. So why the heck would I need to check in with Ford Motor Company for permission to use our own car in the film?

ACTORS TIP: Male Nudity...what's the big deal?

I've noticed lately that more and more movies/television shows (and I'm not talking porn here) are showing male nudity - and while it is happening more frequently - it seems this is still not considered "acceptable" or "normal" - while female nudity is perfectly fine. Why is that?

MOVIE FAN CHAT: "Official Rejection" Review

I bought this movie the minute I finished watching the trailer. As an Indie FIlmmaker early in my career, looking to hit the festivals, I figured this movie would provide a lot of great info about the adventure, and it also looked great for some laughs. I was not disappointed!

Friday, May 21, 2010

MOVIE FAN CHAT: Clint Eastwood, Big Love and more....

Your news letter is great!  Enjoyed very much.  Today is a beautiful sunny day and looks like more coming.  Well wasn't much to watch on tv this week as Survivor is gone, Casey is gone from American Idol and I'm pretty sure Lee will win so that kind of dulls the next performance.  So we got out the rest of Big Love and started watching it again.  What a mess they get themselves in!  We're in the middle of the third season and the big trial is about to begin.  Rhonda has gone back to Roman (don't know which of these two I would trust the least!!!) and can't wait to see how that goes.  Wanda just tried to kill herself, is this woman crazy or what?  Although at least she knows what she is doing is wrong.  And how about Momma!!! 

Thursday, May 20, 2010


  Movies. So many genres. Some people only like one category - maybe two. I like them all. It's true.  Name one category - any - and I can name a movie within that genre that I love.

This brought me to a fascinating conversation the other night about horror films. As I and the person went on for a time chatting about what movies we loved within the horror genre - this topic came up - if you looked at making a horror film - like making a salad - knowing that there is all types of salad out there - but are all still labeled a salad - what three ingredients do you personally HAVE to have in your salad - or - more to topic - in your horror film.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MOVIE FAN CHAT: American Idol, The Good Wife and more...

Well, last night was American Idol, which as we all know Simon pretty much said who would or should win.  Casey is at the bottom I am sure.  His confidence seems to have been shaken up quite a bit.  Has anyone heard who might take Simon's place next year?  Will be interesting to see how Idol goes when that happens.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well Sunshine at last!  Great to see the sun again.  I know its supposed to rain tonight but at least we have a good day!  So back to the fantasy world of tv and movies.  24.....Jack has gone over the edge and doesn't plan to return.  Or that is what he says.  Is this season the very last or is there one more season before the series ends?  It was an exciting show last night and for a minute I thought Iron Man had dropped in to help him but turned out to be Jack with an Iron Mask.  I would venture to say the last two shows has seen more killings than I can remember.

Monday, May 17, 2010


As of today - still no script in hand. As I wait impatiently - I have been reading this blog written by a female marine that I have found fascinating to say the least.


Hello again.  Didn't check in too much this weekend.  Constant rainy days getting me down!  But supposed to be some sun today....Well I guess Everyone who watches Survivor watched Survivor this weekend.   Russell just doesn't get it, does he?  He can fool all during the actual game and keep lying to people, and say nasty things behind their back but the melt down of accusations and truths that come out during the last pleas for the money does him in every time.

Friday, May 14, 2010


DAY 075: As I sit in the edit studio I open emails that ask the same two things a lot - what is the horror film you are making about - and - what is the horror movie you re making about lol - well - that information is coming very very soon - as is the official page for the movie and the TITLE reveal of the

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Storm came through early this morning and we were lucky again.  Many homes damaged and power outage to about 21000 homes.  We had storm but none of the above.

Well, watched Good Wife this week and it was very good.  Last week and this one combined were two of the best of the series in my opinion.  Lessons learned about give and take in the corporate and public world, no matter how hard you want to avoid it.  Preview of upcoming results look good.  Enemies have been created.

Lost was way out there this week.  Jacob and his brother were portrayed as good and evil, blond and black hair, etc.  But Jacob did some bad things and that was a little confusing.  Jealousy of their

Tuesday, May 11, 2010



Since I learned we were going to be making this horror film - I've been thinking about the best way to share my experince as the actor with you all from start to finish. I really enjoy writing blogs and sharing how I feel - but I think I've come up with an even better way to really give you an in depth, behind the scenes look of what an actor goes through/does to prepare for a primary role in a film.... 

Monday, May 10, 2010


The Storyboard process moves on day by day - night by night. During this process - we are looking at
one large puzzle piece of the film we are shooting this summer - the camera. 

It looks like we may be using the new possible camera fad - the 5d or the 7d. I say fad b/c maybe it is

Thursday, May 6, 2010

FILMMAKING: Musclin', My Short Film

Though I have been researching filmmaking since I was 13 it was only 4 years ago that I was finally able to begin pursuing this dream. First I played around with editing still images, then I bought a camera and made some "fun" videos. Then I made a teaser video for a script I wrote, then a couple commercials for some contests. Now I am ready to shoot my first short film.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010



Ah the joys of landing a role/job! No better feeling in the world IMO than getting the part! Well, except maybe the feeling of being on set ;)


Day 66 - man - the days go flashing by when one is hard at work.  Lovin' every minute of this though - I mean that. Received so many e-mails about the storyboard program - figured I'd do just a few more discussing them before heading onto other parts of pre-production I am currently also tackling - but - since I am smack in the middle of the