Friday, May 14, 2010


DAY 075: As I sit in the edit studio I open emails that ask the same two things a lot - what is the horror film you are making about - and - what is the horror movie you re making about lol - well - that information is coming very very soon - as is the official page for the movie and the TITLE reveal of the

movie. The main thing I can promise is thus - it's original - not seen a horror film with this particular subject and or setting - which is very exciting - and yet - does create some very very deep discussions on how we are going to shoot the movie in this particular location - and prepping the actors for what their body is going to have to go through to physically be able to handle shooting in this location - it's going to be a blast!

What is happening at this very moment - well -  more storyboarding - more script tweaking - audition dates being penicled in - cameras to be used being discussed - scheduling last meeting with Peter Broderick in L.A. before heading out to the midwest for five months to build the set for the movie and film it - scheduling meeting with Larry Jordan to discuss camera and on set computers to allow for on site rough editing - loving watching Nicole getting ripped for her lead part in the movie: she gonna' tussle and maybe she lives - maybe she dies - what we do know - she ain't goin' down for the count without  a fight!


Lot's more coming soon my friends - now sign up and become a member of the site here - get the inside pics - movies and behind the scenes footage of Nicole as she shaves her head for the lead role - as the set is being built - and tons more!

I'm jus' sayin'


  1. Hmmm - is it weird that I am excited to shave my head? lol. Can't WAIT to get that script - I'm soooo excited!

  2. Not weird at all - have no doubt - that act will shove you headlong into the character - how can it not - think how Demi must have felt when she shaved her head for GI JANE - you know that pushed her mental outlook on tht character ;-) Marlon Brando would be smiling ;-)

  3. Well I think its scary to shave your head but hey, I can count the hairs I have left on my head and every little hair counts!!! Is Nikki going to have her hair saved and used for someone else or a wig made for her or what? Just watched the teaser and looks good. What is the scene on the left? I kept waiting or something to move there. Great looking shots across the bottom too. So we're not going to know the title for a while....hmm. Can't wait. Keep the teasers coming.

  4. I was thinking of donating my hair to Locks of Love once I shave it. I haven't looked into how to do that yet - but that's my plan.

    Oak - I do think that with all the preparation etc - the one thing that is really going to push me over the edge mentally is shaving my head.

  5. Hey Nikki, looking good there on the lat machine. Did you already have that definition or has this come out since you've been working out?

    Oak, you've hit on what I want to see...something that is a known genre, just happening in a way that hasn't been done before. I hope you turn the genre on it's ear!