Wednesday, May 5, 2010



Ah the joys of landing a role/job! No better feeling in the world IMO than getting the part! Well, except maybe the feeling of being on set ;)

When you get a role - there is SO much to look forward to. Reading the script, the preparation and research, the character development etc... but the one thing I don't hear talked about too often is the Anticipation!!

I have a central role in Oklahoma Ward's upcoming Horror movie (which you can read about here), and I can't tell you how excited I am! I don't know much about it yet - just the little he has shared, but I DO know that this role is going to be a HUGE challenge.
We are on Day 66 of pre-production and while that means many exciting things are happening (like the storyboard - which you can read about here), I still have yet to get the script! I've seen it being written and I see the storyboard coming together piece by piece, and with each new development - I get more and more anxious!

I have been doing my best to prepare with what little information I have. I practically live at the gym, and starting next month - I'll be there even MORE - upping my workouts to twice a day. I have to be strong mentally and physically for this character or it's going to eat me alive. So I've been at the gym non-stop and really monitoring my diet. Also I've been reading up on some info about the type of woman I'll be playing - which in this case is a Marine-type... and let me tell you - it's tough to find much info on female marines. (By the way - if you know any personally - would love their e-mail - I will have lots of questions!)

Besides those things - there is not much else I can do at this point to "get ready". So it's like waiting for Christmas morning - remember how that night before Christmas seems like it's never going to be over and yet - you find it so hard to go to sleep because how excited you are. Maybe this is also a result of working on an Extreme Indie film - you get to see each step of the process happening before you, but you still have to "wait your turn".

What is it you actors do to make this time pass more quickly?
As for me - I have some more reading to do, and a few movies lined up with some badass female leads that I can study and take notes from.

First up....

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  1. I know a Marine but she is in journalism and is not real involved in gung ho duties.

    I can't believe it! You were type cast as a woman again! :P

    Have you imagined your character (tough and tumble) working out as you work out? Perhaps thinking about that, how she would view working out, will inspire your workouts and develope a little insight in your character? You know she is committed to being prepared for whatever comes, or at least that is what I am getting from your post.

  2. That's a really good observation Steve - for Nikki to get in the head of the character she is playing while working out - how that character would approach working out - why she does - and what she is getting her body prepared for - for what situations she could be involved with - if only she knew just how much trouble her character is going to get in - she'd be working out night and day ;-)

  3. See - that's what I'm talking about right there - TEASE! lol

    Steve - that's a really good idea! Start thinking like her while I'm working out - I'm actually going to try that tomorrow....

  4. I agree with Nikki, Oak, what a tease!! You studied Hithcock too much.

    Cool. While you work out think about how she grunts, what she mumbles to herself, what she I'm getting into it! Hey, Oak needs to give you a little more info in the name of character development. (I'm trying)

  5. Your head IS cut off - Oak must of done it when you started pressing him for more info. LOL.

  6. Nikki,

    I think it's awesome that you are putting so much into your craft. You really are becoming a force to be reckoned with! Working with actors all day I get to see their reads, but I don't get to see what goes thru their heads as they read and prepare. Your blog puts people in the mind of the actor. I don't think you realize how important your insight is. Being that these are just your raw feelings, you probably won't see it until after your part is played. But trust me, come back to this months after your film is done and you will see just how on point and essential your words really are.
    (and in the words of a wise director)
    "and I mean that" -LOL

  7. Agreed - D' and let it be known - if Nikki and I can scrape enough money to hire you - the best damn make-up person around - we are going to try - and if we can't afford ya - we will be calling to see if you can recommend someone trying to break in the Biz and get some experience - you're first on the list of course - but watching your career blow up over the past years - Nikki and I both were proud of ya' and at the same time went - well - if we ever get paid for shooting a movie - we'll hire ya ;-) Look forward to talking soon and catching up on life my friend ;-) Also - Nikki and I both were going to talk to you about - if you ever have an article on make-up and what all that entails - we'd be proud to post it - under your name and of course link to you and your site ;-) Least we can do for someone who worked so hard for us on set ;-)

  8. awwwwwwww! shucks!
    you guys! :)

  9. An article on make-up would be great! That is another aspect of movie magic that many people do not realize how complex it is. I don't know all the ins and outs of it, but I know it is one of those things like lighting; there is a real art to it.

  10. Nikki - Wow, I love your dedication and self discipline to put everything you got into the role! I know your body will be rock solid with all of the working out. I also think you should focus on the mental part of this "bad ass" woman...and ask the hard questions. Is this person damaged, hurt, heartbroken, ect. Then you have the difficult task of feeling these emotions and not being afraid to go there!! Good luck with this have a great opportunity to take yourself and the audience on a wild ride.

  11. Thanks Alana! I definitely play on "going there" as soon as a certain Director gives me the script. :D!!!

  12. Interesting to read the prep for your upcoming role in the movie. I am reminded of many big actors who have worked on their body for the role as well as studied the character roles they will be acting. Sometimes the type of jobs or professions the character has, or similar characteristics of other similar lives. Now, I know you are going to make physical sacrifices (hair) and are working out to get the effect you want. BUT would you put on many many pounds for the role??? Brings up some thoughts on what is worth the sacrifice? Robert DeNiro and Tom Hanks both added many many pounds for certain roles. Glad you don't have to make that decision. Congrats to you for your hard work and dedication and I know it will pay off for you.

  13. Shirley - I must admit - gaining weight would be a much tougher decision to make then getting fit - but I truly feel if it was a role that spoke to me and something I really believed in - it would be worth it. Many have done it - just look at Christian Bale - that is quite an extreme case - but I think in the end... it would be worth it to give the most authentic performance. And how fun would it be to GAIN weight - COOKIES AND ICE CREAM ALL DAY! YES! lol.

  14. Charlize Therond did it for MONSTER - Renee Zellweger did for B.Jones Diary - NIcole Kidman was gaining weight for the movie The Reader - then Kate Winslet got the role - how would that be to gain the weight and NOT get the role? Method actors are just simply my fav' ;-)