Friday, May 21, 2010

MOVIE FAN CHAT: Clint Eastwood, Big Love and more....

Your news letter is great!  Enjoyed very much.  Today is a beautiful sunny day and looks like more coming.  Well wasn't much to watch on tv this week as Survivor is gone, Casey is gone from American Idol and I'm pretty sure Lee will win so that kind of dulls the next performance.  So we got out the rest of Big Love and started watching it again.  What a mess they get themselves in!  We're in the middle of the third season and the big trial is about to begin.  Rhonda has gone back to Roman (don't know which of these two I would trust the least!!!) and can't wait to see how that goes.  Wanda just tried to kill herself, is this woman crazy or what?  Although at least she knows what she is doing is wrong.  And how about Momma!!! 
Is she really going to go through with killing her horrible dreadful husband???  Of all the people on this series (Bruce Dern) is probably the most disgusting, nasty and mean spirited character on the show.  Momma is pretty bad but I almost can't blame her for doing away with the old geezer.  I like Roman's first wife, she may be from the compound but she is not naive about it.  Talk about straight talk to your kids!  No worry about psychological effects on their children with Roman and his wife!  Of course all the kids are basket cases but that is beside the point.  Bill is wooing Ana for his fourth wife and so far I like her.  I can't believe she is considering this polygamy life but that is the basis of the story after all.  And what has happened to Bill and Barbara's daughter?  We have learned she is pregnant, has been accepted into an out of state University, and stopped seeing the father of her child who loves her.  Sounds like she has learned all the values of her family!  And what a family it is....

Saw some interesting news in our local paper.  Mentions the premier of a pair of films grounded in the depiction of American Indians in cinema.  One documentary film, "Reel Injun", examines this, and the other, "Pearl", a film about Pearl Carter, a Chickasaw woman who as a teen was taught to fly by Wiley Post, and reportedly became the youngest licensed pilot in US in 1928.  This latter movie was produced by the Chickasaw Nation, headquartered in Ada, OK.  Film stars Elijzh DeJesus, a teen actress from CA.  Several Chickasaw actors were also cast, and it was filmed in OKC, El Reno and Gutherie area.

Clint Eastwood and Wes Studi take part in "Reel Injun", and it played following a ceremony honoring Wes Studi, an Oklahoma actor who was in Last of the Mohicans, Geronimo, Dances with Wolves, Avatar, and tv including Saving Grace, just to name a few of the many many filmes he has been involved in.  Another guest speaker will be Sterlin Harjo, a Tulsa filmmaker, a Seminole-Creek Indian.  His films include Four Sheets to the Wind and Barking Water.  These premiers and talks are at the Circle Cinema here in Tulsa, Ok.  A great movie house which shows old and contemporary movies.  Tulsa is lucky to have the Circle Cinema and its supporters.

Well, I guess I had better get busy with the rest of my life today.  Thanks for the great newsletter! 


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  1. I think Lee blew the final - choked big time ;-/