Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MOVIE FAN CHAT: American Idol, The Good Wife and more...

Well, last night was American Idol, which as we all know Simon pretty much said who would or should win.  Casey is at the bottom I am sure.  His confidence seems to have been shaken up quite a bit.  Has anyone heard who might take Simon's place next year?  Will be interesting to see how Idol goes when that happens.

The Good Wife was good.  She has made enemies, some due to her husband's past sins, and some from jealously and envy.  She appeared to be tougher last night and that is good, she is going to need some toughness.  Hubby is now free and his life will be more intrusive on her and family.  She is committed to help out with the campaign on his political career, even thou she didn't want to.  But she wanted to keep her job and needed the help and clients.  Previews look like hubby is going to throw business her way.  Like this series and hope it continues to improve even more.

LOST.  Well I don't understand about Jacob.  Is he dead or alive.  I thought he had been killed.  And didn't the guardianship decision go awfully fast?  I keep wondering if there will be more than one guardian on our island.  Hurley says he's glad its not him but wonder about some of the others.  And how, since Jacob didn't give any instructions, does one defend against the black smoke?  Wow, has Ben reverted back to his own devious and killer self?  Is he leading the bad guy on?  Does Ben think he can kill him?  After all Ben supposedly killed Jacob, what about John?  Lots of questions still to be answered at the season's end.

Didn't get to watch Justified last night.  Company came and I'm saving for tomorrow.  Did watch Glee.  I still like this series but some are better than others.  Last night was so so to me.

Will check in later.


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  1. LOL - yeah I'm not sure if LOST just cleared up a bunch for me - or - if it just confused me more - is Jack really staying there??? Forever!