Tuesday, May 25, 2010


24  So I guess everyone watched the last of 24.  I thought it was very good last night.  No happy ending but at least Jack is alive, even though exiled and the Russians and US after him.  Not too bad.  lol  It was sad not being able to watch previews of the upcoming shows.  Hate to see the program end.  Jack is one tough cookie, isn't he?  If they do make a movie I assume they will pick up on the ending of the tv series.  Will be interesting to see the old President's recovery from his self inflicted wound and whether he will be brain damaged or not.  I'm sure whatever brain is left will be as devious as the undamaged one.  He is one crafty, mean, liar isn't he?  And no qualms about killing a co-conspirator either.  Looking forward to more on 24 in whatever method is used.

Lost.  Well I loved seeing all the clips from the beginning to the end.  I didn't understand all of the ending, maybe none of it, but I still love my characters on this show and will miss it dearly.  Even though many great scenes were re-shown from the past, there were many great ones that didn't get shown.  One of my favorites was when John Locke had been shot and fell into the pit of skeletons of former executed people.  John was left for dead and he and we believed he was going to die.  Then the boy, like an angel from above, appears at the edge of the pit and says, "Get Up, John, and Walk Away" or something like that.  And John does.  I loved that scene.  I loved all the tender moments between our characters when they were literally at their wits end, and they clung to each other for support and compassion.  I loved their ability to sacrifice themselves for others.  I loved their constant bewilderment at what was going on, and their constant struggle to survive and return to their former lives.  I loved their ability to adjust to the living conditions around them, and their fight to maintain some shred of humanity and ritual in their lives.  In some ways, Jacob, who was supposed to be so good, seemed uncaring and aloof from his selected people.  If he was a supreme being, he seemed a lazy one.  He seemed inert almost.  On the other hand, the evil side, who later became John Locke, always seemed involved and constantly struggling to succeed.  He was evil, murderous, and lied to everyone, but he never stopped fighting for supremacy.  Interesting to see the difference between the good and evil sides of nature.

So, regardless of how the show ended and whether it was purgatory or heaven or real or unreal, I don't care.  I loved Lost and will savor my memories of this show for a long time.


  1. Agreed - Shirl' - I'll post some great words on the final with some grand fans ideas of what they got from the ending - me - the last minutes were very emotional for me - and although I have two cats - when that dog sat down beside Jack - man it took a lot for me to hang on. A great end to a groundbreaking character driven series - easily one of the best character based series ever for basic television - rivaling many crappy films I've seen Indie people make and Hollywood - IMO. As for 24 - not an emotional rollercoaster for me at all - I loved it - missed seeing the previews for next too - but - I'll primed for the movie - and you can bet money I'll have butt in the theater to watch it ;-)

  2. Yes, I agree. That dog coming up and laying down beside Jack was a great touch. I loved it. You know in one way I thought Jack's dying scene on the island was great, I pictured Harley and his second in command living on the island and protecting it, and the group that left on the plane making it back and starting their lives again. I even thought Jack might acknowledge with his eyes or a smile the sight of the plane going across the sky while he lay dying. I was very confused by the sideways segment and really thought it could have been eliminated. Also the group in the church at the end, I think it would have been more effective with only the people we knew were dead. In the movie, Places in the Heart, there was a great scene at the end when the heroine goes to church and the camera pans over the people sitting around her. Sitting there was all her loved ones who had passed away in the film. I felt they were there in her heart and I loved it. But regardless of these points, I still loved the show and will always love it. Will miss it tremendously! I was the only one in my house who stayed with Lost over the years and I would tape the show and watch it by myself late at night. Now what am I going to watch???

    Watched the last two shows of Justification last night and I really really like the way they are shaping the bad guy's character. This guy is good! His actions and words are creating some mystery as to his intentions toward his father and toward crime. We know he is not really leaving a life of crime but he is an enigma. And I still like the hero. Still not crazy about the women in his life but that is just me. Getting a little sick of the good ole boy acting of his boss too. I liked the investigator and his cool moves against our hero. You know after reading the articles posted on car manufactors, etc. being so picky about their trademark titles of cars, I am a little surprised some states, such as Kentucky for instance, not being up in arms for the depictions of life in their particular state. As things progress movie makers may have to use phony names for states. lol Hope not.

    Memorial Day weekend coming up and I'm hoping to see a movie or two. Any recommendations??