Thursday, May 13, 2010


Storm came through early this morning and we were lucky again.  Many homes damaged and power outage to about 21000 homes.  We had storm but none of the above.

Well, watched Good Wife this week and it was very good.  Last week and this one combined were two of the best of the series in my opinion.  Lessons learned about give and take in the corporate and public world, no matter how hard you want to avoid it.  Preview of upcoming results look good.  Enemies have been created.

Lost was way out there this week.  Jacob and his brother were portrayed as good and evil, blond and black hair, etc.  But Jacob did some bad things and that was a little confusing.  Jealousy of their

"mother"'s love was brought up and Jacob was the son who felt not loved as much as his brother, then Jacob ends up "killing" his brother.  Does Cain and Abel come to mind?  Except Cain is the brother who killed his brother Abel, and Cain was not considered the good one.  So what is Jacob?  Is he good or is he Cain?  Also I was confused about their "mother" who killed their real mother to raise the boys.  There was some reference to their adoptive murderous mom being a little unearthly, (aliens, gods, what?).  The mysterious light in the cave with water running through it seems to be the item that should be protected on the island.  Jacob was eventually left to guard this but proceded to lose the light when he threw his brother into it to drown.  Then the black smoke (his brother's bad spirit we assume) appears and the golden light disappears.  So, not only did Jacob kill his brother but he destroyed the light.  Also it appeared their adopted mother killed a whole tribe of the other people.  The tribe's sins, which sounded suspicously like humankind's sins, were listed as their reason for being so bad and justifying their deaths.  Since we did  not see their deaths, we assume it was the mother and how she did this by herself is not explained.  BUT regardless of all this, I still have loved this series from the beginning.  Some of the best scenes of any series on tv in my opinion.  And I have loved the surprises, the acting, the constant questions, the great buildup of the individual characters, and the constant challenges of their lives, both on the island and back home.  Loved it all.  I imagine if I were an actor I would have loved to be on this series for the variety of emotions you would get to portray.  And on top of everything else, the overall portrayal of our human race with all its fears, emotions, cruelty, kindness, cowardice, and heroism.  Great great series.  Hate to see it leave but understand the reason.

Justified is a series I watched from the beginning and felt so so about it.  But have continued to watch and it has grown on me.  Parts that have irritated me have to do with the involvement with the wife of bad guy our hero shot and put away in prison.  But hey, do we always do what is best?  Course not.  Our hero's vunerability is now an endearing quality.  I do love what they have done to the bad guy in prison, who is not out due to our hero's mistakes.  This guy is great as the Born Again Christian.  Will be interesting to see the conflict sure to appear in the future.

Still love Amazing Race, one of the original reality shows.  More innocent than most of those but still keeps interest with the constant challange to get ahead and stay ahead.  Wish our heroes, the cowboys, had won but that's the way it goes.  This is a show that I would have loved to do when I was much younger. 

Love Survivor too but it looks much harder.  It has developed into a much harder game to survive due to the knowledge all have now after many seasons of watching.  The addition of the Idols have added much to the series and creates more complicated plots.  But this series truly is amazing in its ability to show how we humans tend to reason and decide on actions.  It shows how misconception of events causes many really erroneous actions.  Just multiply this fact to nations and you see the possibility of why so many really bad decisions and actions happen in our current world.  Do you think someone watches our world the same way we watch Survivor and shake their head and ask, "What are they doing?"  "What were they thinking?"  "Are they crazy?"  Hmmmm.

 Does anyone find they love particular movies but after the first watch, they can never watch the whole movie again?  I find this all the time.  Older one, the Deerhunter.  Can only rewatch part of it as it is too painful to watch all.  No Country for Old Men same way.  Sometimes it is because of painful scenes, sometimes it is because of draggy scenes, or maybe just to rewatch the best scenes.  Will write more on this in future.  

Till later. 



  1. Hey Shirl'! I totally agree on Justified. I am really starting to love that show - and watching him develop as a character is facinating. Especially on this last episode where we saw his temper, but then also saw what a compassionate, good guy he is.

    Never could get into Lost - I think I just came into it too late in the game, and an already confusing show was just impossible to catch up on. Things that were being "revealed" meant nothing to me because I didn't know anything about the show to being with - so I would just end up getting frusterated and saying forget it. Maybe one day I will have time to sit down and watch it from start to finish. I do - however - really enjoy JJ Abrams show Fringe which I started from the beginning. It has that same "never know what's really going on" quality that lost has that really intrigues me. Have you seen this show?

    You know I was trying to think of a movie that I loved that I can't watch again - and while it may be too soon to say - I think Avatar might be one of them. We saw it in the theater with the 3D glasses which was of course visually stunning and breathtaking, and we've since bought it on DVD - and I can't bring myself to watch it again. I've thought about it - but somehow I feel the story isn't what I really loved about the movie - it was more so the visual impact it made on me - and I'm afraid watching it on a smaller screen without the 3D glasses will ruin it for me. I dunno.

  2. Justified is becoming a great character study for screenwriters I feel - I love how they have made him tough as nails - but still getting his ass kicked - which goes against exactly where I thought his character was going - perfect character writing - toeing the line with being to far one way - and not so much the other way.

    Survivor has always been fascinating to me when you realize - it mirrors life and how we humans team up with people based on first visual experience - that show nails that.

    Sadly - and this scares me - I can pretty much watch anything I liked from the past many times over lol - I may be sick like that lol.

  3. You know who Tim's O's character reminds me of - Jim Rockford - same kind of demeanor with the way they carry themselves - albeit Tim's character does have a bit of a darker side - we also knew that Jim Rockford would cross that line - if pushed far enough.