Monday, May 17, 2010


Hello again.  Didn't check in too much this weekend.  Constant rainy days getting me down!  But supposed to be some sun today....Well I guess Everyone who watches Survivor watched Survivor this weekend.   Russell just doesn't get it, does he?  He can fool all during the actual game and keep lying to people, and say nasty things behind their back but the melt down of accusations and truths that come out during the last pleas for the money does him in every time.
If Jerri didn't hear that Russell considered her a patsy, she would have voted for him to win I'm sure.  And J.T. even admired Russell strategy during the actual game playing, even after being shot down.  Only when all are together and they learn about Russell's disgust for them, do they actually say, Wait a minute, am I going to help this nasty jerk win a million dollars????  Personally I wasn't too sure they wouldn't vote for him anyway.  I thought someone would say, hey the other two have had their million, why give another million to them?  But emotions ran very high during this game and there is no doubt, THE VILLIANS WERE THE WINNERS!!!   Hmm, no wonder crime always pays...  The rest of us victims have to tell ourselves we are better than the villians in the long run....  Sure hope in the big picture that turns out to be true!!!  I remember when Survivor first started and critics and the like were saying, This won't last long, people will become bored with this.  Sure......  You know Britain actually started this series before our Survivor but they played it differently.  Their game was actually about the physical ability to survive the challenges.  Well forget that, you need strong policitical abilities now to survive.  Of course it helps to win the immunity challenges but not necessarily.  Sandra didn't win many challenges.  Now I do agree she worked hard to survive Russell and his harem before the merger and she tried hard to convince the Heroes (how stupid could they be.....evidently pretty stupid!!) that Russell would get rid of them one by one and could'nt be trusted, and yet be careful enough to aoid Russell's wrath.  We all know what that led to.....instant removal from the game.  AND she was the only one who found the immunity idol and kept it to herself!!!  I am constantly amazed at the ones who find the idol and instantly run to tell someone!!  Many times they gave it to someone to hold for them!!  BUT that is the fascination with Survivor.....we are constantly surprised at human nature.  It was interesting to see how some of the veteran players, Rob, Jason, and others, had matured and mellowed somewhat.  Jason lost all his firey strength.  But the girls didn't!  They were in there fighting tooth and nail to survive and win.  Rob had mellowed into almost a nice guy, almost a father figure.  Rupert is lost from the beginning but he did have the grace (and the only Hero to do so) to admit he was a fool not to have believed Sandra and get rid of Russell.  Oh well, can't wait for the next one!!

Breaking Bad....Good as always.  What was the suicidal drive down the highway.....was it regret and guilt over the turn of his life, the attack on his brother in law life and his acceptance of all this for money and excitement of crime?  And what about Skyler?  Is she beginning to see why Walter entered this life of crime, after seeing the overwhelming problems of her sister and brother in law?  Is she going to accept Walters criminal activities?  And did Walter sign his upcoming death warrant when he told the chicken man, Gustavo, he had everything figured out?  And Jesse!!!  Has he lost his mind?  Does he not realize the seriousness of going against, or stealing from the Meth Mafia???  I know Walter doesn't want Jesse killed (at least I think that is why he took Jesse back into the fold) but is Jesse's erratic behavior going to bring down the whole house of cards??  And the sneak preview of next week!!!!  My gosh, what is going on???  Looked like a physical attack on Walter by Jesse.  At our house we can't hardly wait to see next week.  Nothing can turn out good on this series but what a ride to the end!!!

Watched The Tudors and keep trying to remember if wife number six is the last one?  Did he marry six in all or eight?  I think it is six.  Have to say, this looks like a very mild marriage compared to all the passion Henry has shown in the past.  Henry must really be feeling his age.....and he doesn't have much more time as Elizabeth becomes Queen around the age of 17 I think.  Looks like another war with France is coming up.  Last week's episode was really hard to watch.  I knew the Queen, and her new lover, and the old lover were in trouble and believe me, Henry made good on that prediction.  The old lover, who obviously didn't have a brain in his head, was tortured and killed very painfully and brutally.  A lenient punishment is with the old chopping axe by a sober axeman.  Otherwise you are looking at dragging chains for months, or partially being hung and then drawn and quartered.  This after much chopping off of fingers, toes and whatever and hideous tortures.  Hope those boys enjoyed that lovemaking!!!!  Of course we have the religious factor constantly dragging in heretics for "questioning".  You know how that goes.   Extreme torture until you confess to anything.  This show does make a really good point for Miranda and all our safety stops.  Otherwise you are looking at really bad treatment of anyone suspected of breaking a law.  And going back to the new possible bride, she is waiting for her elderly sick husband to die and had picked out a new husband.  He introduced her to Henry to ask for redemption of old political ties, and that did it.  Henry took one look and decided she would be his next bride.  So he ships the boyfriend far far away out of the country.  Hope this wife has enough sense Not to get involved with her old boyfriend after she becomes Queen.

No, Nikki, I haven't gotten into Fringe.  I'm like you with Lost.  Didn't get started so would have to check out series and start from beginning.  I'm already into Dexter, Madmen, Justified, The Tudors, Breaking Bad, Spartacus, Blood and Sand, and Damages plus some reality shows.  And I still love movies!!!  And there are some new mini series being advertised that look pretty interesting.

Time to run.  Will check in later.



  1. Agreed about Survivor - one of the things I laugh to myself about when people run around and slam the show as just a reality show - there are so many truths that can be observed about us human beings within that show - that are truths about how we interact with others based on visual traits - gender and strong vs weak - the dynamics of how we a human race single out the weak and cast them aside for the survival of the "group" - what we are willing to do and say to reach a certain goal - to survive. Truly an amazing situation to witness. I've said ti once - I'll say it again - Breaking Bad is just as intense and well acted as any of the Godfather movies. Period. To watch the medium of television come to par with the medium of the big screen - a grand experience.

  2. Hey Shirley - Glad I'm not to only one who missed the Lost boat lol.

    I was on the edge of my seat with Breaking Bad. I was thinking the same thing when he started speeding. I even look at Oak and said "What's he doing?" I think it's a mix of a bunch of different emotions like you said - all boiling down to him have a mini-meltdown until being shocked back into it by the truck. I can't get a read on the Chicken man at all. I couldn't tell if he was pissed off that Walt had figured it all out - or pleased that Walt was interested in staying longer than the 3 months. And Jesse - while I like him... he's just a friggin' MORON. I'm sorry. I mean REALLY?! Does he not think he will get caught?!

    That show just gets me going lol. I can't wait for next week and I also can't wait for Dexter to start back up!

  3. Oops - I misunderstood your statement about Lost. So I guess I AM the only one who doesn't watch that show! lol.

  4. Actually - Shirl' loves LOST - she was talking about she is how YOU are about LOST - she is about FRINGE - missed so much of the beginning series the current episodes are too far off for her - she'll have to wait and watch the series from the beginning - the one thing I am keeping my fingers crossed about LOST is thus - I pray they are not going to leave loose ends - I don't mind some abstract topics left to the imagination - I don't need to be spoon-fed all plot points - but after SO MANY years tuning into the storyline - I feel I deserve some incredible ending twist plot points and reveal... and sadly I am beginning to think - we won't get that at all. I hope am wrong... but I don't think I am.

    And is JACK on 24 gone renegade or WHAT!? lol.

  5. Well I have to say - if that IS how they end Lost - I don't know that I would even WANT to watch it. That would just piss me off.

    And JACK! He's totally lost it haha.