Saturday, April 17, 2010


I watch movies constantly, and one of my favorite things to do for a night out is to catch a new movie. Last night I saw Kick-Ass!! 

I'd like to start by saying - that was the most fun I've ever had buying movie tickets... "2 for KICK-ASS please!" It was sweet - and based on the look on the ticket boys face - I think he thought I was a little overly excited - but screw it - I was! Giddy like a little kid in a toy store!

Now - I always like to get to the theater at least 30 mins early to make sure to get the perfect seat.  I like to be in the center - not too far back - but not too close. So we got there early - got our popcorn and our perfect seat. I was a happy camper...until.... Not 10 mins later - some DOUCH decided it would be a great idea to sit RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! The whole row was empty - I'm not kidding - the WHOLE row... and he sits right in front of my boyfriend. Needless to say - we moved down and I made sure to put my feet up on the seat right next to his head and chomp as loudly as I could on my (Ok - I might be exaggerating - but that's what I WANTED to do.)

MOVING ON... This movie was SO much fun! I am so glad that all of these comic book movies coming out lately are so fantastic. I loved every second of this film - and will be buying it on DVD. It was funny without trying too hard or being obvious about it. It was action packed - and the action scenes were done very very well - I actually got giddy when I knew some ass kicking was going to happen - I couldn't wait to see it. This movie truly was KICK-ASS! 

My new idol is Hit Girl! That is one bad ass little kid - and she is adorable. I couldn't wait for the scenes with her in it - and I couldn't wait to see her lay a beat down on the bad guys. She is awesome. 

I can't say enough good things about this movie. I am also a big stickler for soundtrack/sound when it comes to movies. In my opinion - a bad soundtrack can be distracting and ruin a movie for me - and this movie had the PERFECT soundtrack... including a little Joan Jett \m/ hell yeah!

One Little warning to parents...This is definitely a rated 'R' film. There is language and violence galore - so not for the kids - but get a babysitter and get yourself 2 tickets to this movie - it's worth it.

Nicole Alonso 


  1. Nice review. I plan on seeing this even though my wife has no desire to see it. Looks like a lot of fun but I saw a part in one of the trailers that bothered me a little. It is where Hit Girl is telling someone about the signal that is shown when they are needed. If that's in the movie, I have a problem with a girl of that age saying the line.

    Otherwise, looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Hey Steve - just a heads up - not only does that 11 year old girl say that line - she does a lot of brutal killing and says a lot more foul language. So if that is the sort of thing that bothers you - I might not recommend you seeing it.

  3. I'll probably see it anyways. I want to see where films are going.

    Hey, look at Linda Blair in The Exorcist. I didn't have a problem with that so it may just be context. Then again I know there was a double for certain scenes. I saw her in an interview.

  4. True Steve - it's not a brutal role like Jodi Foster had in the great movie Taxi Driver - or provocative like Brooke Shields in the movie Blue Lagoon, or really provocative like the one where she played a young prostitute... Or Tatum O'Neil smoking cigarettes as the tough - what was she like 10 - girl in paper moon. So I didn't find the things she was doing and saying offensive - basically because it was over the top and almost poking fun at itself. Now - I wouldn't take my kid to see this - but that's why it's rated R.

    But you know - I respect anyone's opinion - I know my Mom would probably find this extremely offensive, and I would definitely not recommend her seeing it. But then again - I know a lot of people that found The Watchman offensive because it showed frontal male nudity and HEY! I'm ALL for that!!! :)

  5. Well, I haven't seen Kick Ass and really didn't know much about it. I have heard its about a very very young girl using brutality to do murder. That idea alone bothers me as it seems our young people are being fed the idea of brutality as a good thing. I don't know if this movie does this, and hope it doesn't. Will know more when I see it. Now that is not to say I don't approve of brutality in movies or tv mini series as I watch many all the time. Brutality has been a part of the human race and most of the other occupants of this earth since the beginning of time. But we hope we don't promote the idea of brutality as fun, exciting, and the natural way to settle problems, etc in our lives. Not as "kool" to do. Just a few thoughts of mine on this Sunday morning.

  6. I hear ya Shirl' - I do - and I do think lines can be crossed - and I do respect people not wanting to see certain movies - heck I love Rosemary's Baby and The Piano - but still feel conflicted a times watching the movies via Roman being the director.... at the same time - the movie Kick Ass is rated R - for adults only - adults presumed to be able to handle the subject matter in front of them - and then I add to that - the movie is way way over the top - about a world that is not real - just like James Bond movies are over the top yet - and make light of the fact that killing is something that needs to be done - and on and on - just like QT does with his movies - like Kill Bill - in that world - the world where people can stand on swords etc - killing is a way of life. I know the argument that kids may see the movie and think it's cool to do these things - but - in the end - I think the majority of people know it's a movie - just like when I was young and played cops and robbers - someone always got killed - especially when I played army - but - we knew it was pretend - and I've never killed anyone lol - I feel that it's up to the people and us to safeguard adult material - via ratings - via theaters actually ID'ing people to get in studios - and in reality - every single comic book shows superheroes doing things that if a child tried - would end in disaster - flying etc - now one might say that flying - heck any kid would know they can't fly - but I would say - any kid would know they can't flip five times in the air like Hit Girl does in Kick Ass. Make no mistake - I'm not arguing or saying that you don't have a very valid point - for I feel you do - and actually - my argument "against" the movie Kick Ass - would be this - did they market it enough as an adult movie - that it is rated R - a hard R - and are the theaters doing their job in making sure it's adults only. I've met some who would say - they had no idea it was not a kid movie - and then I do lay blame at the feet of the PR department of the movie - and - the parents for not reading enough about the movie they are taking their kids too. I'm jus' sayin' ;-)