Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Movies: where did it all start with you? Where did the magic happen? Where did the love affair begin?

When did you fall in love - with Movies?

For me - the start of my film obsession/career started when I was little - way back in 1975 - one of the very first movies I ever saw - Hard Times with C.Bronson Not a great movie - but that's where.

 and Three Musketeers.

 I can still see certain images of both movies in my head - and - I'll never forget the people in the audience cheering at the end - laughing during the funny lines via James Coburn in Hard Times. 

And the absolute joy of hearing people laugh hysterically during the Three Musketeers. The movies and the experience hooked me.

I remember not being old enough to get into Young Frankenstein - but sitting in the backseat of the car as my mom would drive by the theater where the movie was showing - and wondering why all those people were standing outside in a line waiting to get in to see this movie called Young Frankenstein.  All those people seemed so excited to get in - I wanted in.

From there it was non-stop - my love for movies - and - the experience of being a part of something so many people were sharing/enjoying.

The biggest influence - where I became officially hooked: Jaws.

 I can vividly remember mowing the front yard on a Saturday - my father called me onto the porch - he and mom were there - they stated they thought I was old enough to see a movie they had viewed the night before - they felt I would enjoy it.  

An adult movie - I was excited to be considered an adult in my parents eyes - and - I was going to get to see a movie some of my friends had talked about and was on/in every single headline I read everywhere.

The experience in the theater that night was off the hook! People were screaming - laughing - cheering at the end! Literally standing up - cheering! I was too. Talk about intense - at that age - it literally was a rollercoaster for me.

That experience set me off - I tore through movies - E.T. Star Wars Blade Runner Halloween Godfather Straw Dogs Romeo is Bleeding Bullitt The Sting The Hustler Midnight Cowboy The Shining Clockwork Orange Arthur 10 Raiders of the Lost Ark Marathon Man The Road Warrior Mad Max Barefoot in the Park Friday the 13th Nightmare on Elm Street Terminator The Verdict Three Days of the Condor 48 Hours Ghostbusters Beverly Hills Cop 2001 Wizard of Oz Smokey and the Bandit Four Seasons Rear Window North by Northwest The Elephant Man Silence of the Lambs Quest for Fire Saturday Night Fever Witness Die Hard Grease Breakfast Club Westworld Rollerball The Omega Man Silent Running The Andromeda Strain Alien Chinatown Cape Fear Psycho The Birds ... then - until today - so many many many have tore into me - connected with me - I was a bona-fide fan.  

Still am. 

I still find movies magical. I love a ton of movies - in all genres - so many great grand ones coming out - have come out. The experience of seeing a great film - finding a gem that no one knows about yet - sharing the experience - talking about them... making them.

I love it.

But I do remember where it all started - it was those three experiences - seeing Hard Times on the marquee. Seeing the droves of people wanting to get  in to see Young Frankenstein - and then - Jaws. 

After that - I was on a mission. Still am.

And you... what was first experience that pulled you in - allowed you to fall in love - with movies. 

I'm jus' sayin'



  1. I don't remember the very 1st movie that inspired me to love movies, but I know that Donnie Darko re-energized me to seek out new and interesting films. I could watch it every day.

    Julie / King is a Fink Productions

  2. GREAT read. I think one of the reasons I love movies so much is the way they effect people - it brings people together and creates discussion and debate. I love it - and how fun reading your early experiences with movies.

    I too have seen many many movies - and I believe I've said this before - but the first movie that I remember loving was Hocus Pocus, and then the first movie that REALLY effected me was The Rose. I remember I balled my eyes out at the end and I thought - wow - that was one of the most powerful experiences I've ever had watching a movie. I wanted more - I wanted to be moved and touched and laugh and get mad... and then it hit me - I want to do that too! I want to be in these movies and effect people that way.

    Those are my early experiences that I can remember...and it's never stopped since! :)

  3. Well - I had to fight to keep from saying - well that's a simple question - the movie I'm making right now lol - figured that be cheap - and - of course the first movies I saw were not the greatest movies ever lol - by FAR! But - Nikki - you are right - it's right down the middle for me 50/50 - the movie itself - and the experience of the movie after - sharing and talking ;-)

  4. Yeah - and I don't think it necessarily has anything to do with being "good or bad" - because when you are a kid and you are experiencing movies for the first time - what do you know about what is a "good movie" or a "bad one" - I think it's more about how it made you feel at the time - and how it effected you personally. I mean c'mon - I watch Hocus Pocus now and just laugh my ass off - but as a kid - I thought it was the greatest movie in the world.

  5. True - very true Nikki - it may not be "cool" to say the first movie for me was Hard Times - but - when I wa kid - I thought that movie was so very intense lol - today it's - well - ok - still love Bronson and Coburn though - Icons they are. The actual first movie that effected me was TV movie - Gargoyles - scared the daylights outta' me - I hid behind the couch most of the show - and I caught it years back and laughed myself silly - big old plastic suits the actors wore and walked around in slo-mo like Slee-stacks from Land of the Lost. But I darn sure never forgot a scene where people were driving in the desert and heard something lad on their roof - scared me like no tom'w. Kind of what I'm going for in my new movie - an experience that scares people like that one did me - just nix'n the rubber suits lol.

  6. What?! No Rubber suits with giant silver zippers in the back?! You are KIDDING me! ;)

    And I don't know why - but the word Slee-stacks just cracked my shit up lolol...

  7. Well I look back and as posted earlier, my first experience with movies was dependant upon which parent took us. Dad took us to westerns (Gene Audrey and Roy Rogers) and we went. Anything is better than nothing. Now you must understand my sisters and I read constantly. Our favorite Christmas gift was a book. In those days the bookmobile came to neighborhoods and children checked out books. This was great because of the difficulty of transportation for us. So I can't say we had nothing but as far as movies, we were limited by whether or not our parents would take us. Back to Dad's choices of westerns. Gene Audrey was it until he went into active service during the war and Roy Rogers took over. Even thou very very young, even I noticed Roy was better looking than Gene. And Dale, a woman, was in the picture now too. There was also mini serials of Buck Rogers, a science fiction adventure story, shown with a cliff hanger at the end. Even then I loved anything resembling trips into space as I dreamed of going on a rocket ship to far and dangerous parts of the universe. It never occurred to me that girls didn't have much hope of that. Mother took us to all the Disney films of the time: Bambi, Snow White, Fantasia, etc. And she loved the dramas: Gone With the Wind, Gaslight, etc. We never saw comedies, musicals and definitely no horror films. Only later when I went on my own did I see The Thing (I know, not very scary now, but when its your first one, the suspense is still great!). And I loved all the crazy silly science fiction movies, War of the Worlds, The Blob, Creature of the Black Lagoon, the Seed Pod one (can't think of the name right now). And I saw a few of the horror films of the time, The Five Fingers, The Wax Museum, The Cat Woman, Dracula, Frankinstein, all the Wolfman flicks, etc. Now another genre I adored was the mystery/detective stories. Anything or anywhere exotic (it only took a few palm trees, some undergrowth, and a ceiling fan to set the mood for me). War movies were so so but I was fascinated by the pre movie newsreels which had the latest info on the war. And of course, we all loved Tarzan. Then came the teen years and all common sense gave way to idolization of popular cult figures. James Dean we watched in anything. I had read East of Eden so was attracted to the movie and fell in love with Dean. I and friends went to see (don't laugh) Rock Around the Clock, and after the movie the theater announced they were going to present a sneak preview of an upcoming new movie, Rebel Without a Cause with James Dean and Natalie Wood. You can't believe the uproar that caused. We were all estatic!
    BUT Marlon Brando was my absolute hero! I adored On the Waterfront,the motorcycle one, A Streetcar named Desire, and so on. Paul Newman was considered an upstart who tried to copy Marlon but Paul won us over with his good looks and his acting determination. Joanne Woodward played a wild unconventional strange girl with Marlon in some Tenn Williams story I believe and as far as I'm concerned, she stole the scenes right out from under Marlon. Her hair looked like it had been spiked, she wore slip shod clothes, face streaked with makeup, and looked like she had slept on the streets. In this pre hippie and flower child time, she was startling to say the least. I was bowled over by her. Guess I had better let someone else talk for a while. Will get back later....

  8. Phew,that's a real good question.I'm not sure.But it might have been "Alien".That might explain why I love sci-fi movies:o)!
    Other early ones were "The Wizard Of Oz" and "The Court Jester".
    I'm always hungry for fictional movies.But filmmakers in Germany rarely do that(if they do, the movie is too "arty" for me).That's why I have probs with German films. Too realistic.
    I need fantasy and fiction. I have enough reality in the news;o).

  9. Oh,I forgot some!
    Also very important for me were "Labyrinth" and "The Dark Crystal" by Jim Henson and the Harryhausen movies, like "Clash Of The Titans"!

  10. Another cool but beautiful morning. Thought I would drop a few lines before starting the day. Watched The Good Wife last night. Why do we want the good wife and her boss to get together? Is it because of her husband's bad behavior in the past, or our suspicion he is still bad..... But a good show and enjoy her very much. What is with LOST? I waited until everyone else in bed as I am lone Lost fan in the house. Got all settled down to enjoy and its a RERUN! My gosh, we only have a few shows left and they show us a rerun. What is going on? Justified was on but I was so disgusted I just recorded to watch at a better time. Of course I watched American Idol and glad Casey got good reviews. He is so cute. I know he doesn't stand a chance against the big voices but sure like him. Noticed all three veterans were sure in support of Ellen last night. I have to say for someone who did not think she would be worth a fig (me), she hasn't done as bad as I thought. At least she doesn't spend all her time cracking jokes instead of judging. I had seen her on So You Think You Can Dance as a guest judge and it was horrific! She did nothing but crack jokes and confess she knew nothing about dancing. Well it will be interesting to see who goes on AI tonight. Getting down to the nitty gritty. Loved the guest mentor and singer last night. Man, is she something else. Good songs, good looks, good videos, and good voice. What a combination! Watched Glee too. We started watching this show from the get go and tried to keep watching but other things interferred. We pick it up when we can and enjoy the old songs. Funny too. Well time to get breakfast and get moving. All of you have a good day!

  11. Well, I posted my morning comment and it said it was posted but didn't come up. What? I know I was in this section. Help!

  12. Another beautiful but very very windy day. Storms coming up on the horizon later today. Speaking of Alien, I must say that was one of the scariest and most suspenseful movies I have ever seen in sci fi genre. Aliens and other sequel was okay but Alien was mind blowing to me at the time as well as scary re re re. From the time they landed to check out the distress signal and left the mother ship I was terrified. Several things contributed to this in my opinion. The tight personal space enclosure of the space ship, all the dripping machinery, the foggy atmosphere of the planet they landed on, and then the attack on the guy's face helmet. The horrible look of the alien on his face in the lab/clinic. Then when it was gone and all were looking overhead, I was on pins and needles. From then on it was mind boggling in terror. Another type of sci fi movie which I really enjoyed and thought the first sequel was also great was The Terminator. Loved the whole concept and the two movies. Loved the fact that the girl was almost a helpless victim in the first one but by the second one, she was all determination and fighter. The Terminator was perfect in the first one and also in the second one. Liked both of them very much. I also liked the first War of the Worlds (for its time) and the second War of the Worlds. Liked the first The Day the Earth Stood Still, did not like the remake at all. The act of falling asleep being your downfall and consequently turned into the seed pod zombie was a great gimic. How do humans go without needing to fall asleep? Not terrifying but I enjoyed The Island. First part of the movie kept me completely intrigued. Second part not so great but I still liked the movie.
    I like to read and occasionally find stories that are really scary in the book but don't translate well in movies. The Road book kept me transfixed and frightened while reading. I think it would be very very hard to work in film. I know a movie has been made but can't make myself see it. Maybe one of these days.... The book, The Haunting, was terrifying to read, I have yet to see a good version of it on film (several tries by filmmakers). And we're not even talking yet about murder and mobs yet. That will be a whole nother writing of thoughts and comments.... So keep working on that horror film and make us love it!!! Love meaning horrified, terrified, and fascinated!!

  13. Great post Shirl' Agree with all - I'd have to say - ALIEN and The SHINING run neck and neck for me - ALIEN edging out the win in my book - at the time - it was such a brand new story on screen - and the way Ridley left so much up to your imagination as what was happening - or - what could be around the corner - just classic - many have tried to recreate his movie - most can not. Ultimately since that movie - everyone tries to copy his set - as in - put people in a place where there is no escape - no help on the way - and put them face to face with evil. It's hard to recreate that set piece - it may actually be the ultimate setting. You can't get off the ship - you can't call for help - there are no weapons - what do you do. The Shining had that to very close degree - but ALIEN was absolute.

  14. My first movies courtesy of mother were Bambi,Lassi,Ol Yallar. In those days along with the feature was the News Reels, a serial, a comedy and previews of coming attractions. A little while later we could take the bus downtown for a nickle, get in the movie for a dime by a coke for a nickle which gave us a nickle for the bus home. If we had a quater we went to thr movies every Saturday. Action, action, action and more action. Oops! time for lunch.

  15. Well, a wet rainy day and an early early appointment at the 5 acres. Then a phone call to say they would be an hour late, and then when they finally got there, said it was raining too much to do anything.....oh well, got me up early anyway. I've been looking for the postman hopefully to get the cds (Big Love Season II & III & Madmen IV) for the weekend. Let's face it, there is Nothing on TV on the weekends!!! Project Runway has ended their season, can't find any movies on we particularly want to watch, and its rainy. What to do???? Sunday night its Amazing Race but how about tonight and tomorrow night? Please, Mr. Mailman, bring me some cds... Ironman II does look good on the previews. Will have to check out times and places to see it. Watched Justified last night and it was pretty good, not my favorite story but okay. What's with the bad guy and the bible in prison? Anyone got any ideas...His character is becoming more interesting as weeks progress. And is ex-wife planning on getting our hero in trouble? What's her beef? Revenge? Will have more to say when all my cd's arrive and are watched. Talk later.

  16. OK, I liked the Shining too and it was scary, as far as Jack. I mean we knew he was crazy and dangerous and murderous and we were all together out in this isolated and remote cold cold place. But I was not as terrified as in Alien. After the little bugger ate its way out of the human at the dining table, you knew what was coming next! And there is nowhere you can go in space. Even an airplane (commerical that is). Like the newsman said a few weeks ago when the volcano had erupted and many people stranded and unhappy, Well I would rather be on the ground griping and unhappy I couldn't go up, then be in the plane and not be able to get down. World of Difference! Not even in the same ballpark. Well, just saw ad for I Shouldn't Be Alive for tonight and all new. That's a pretty good series. Well, talk to you later.

  17. THE movie that put me on this path, without a doubt, and rather common, was Star Wars, which came out when I was 13 in 1977. It was THIS movie that was the first one that compelled me to find out how it was all done. It did not look like ships flying on strings, because it wasn't. I wanted to believe C3PO was real because of Anthony Daniel's movement that gave the character such mechanical life. Everything looked more real than in other space movies like Space Odyssey, the TV show Star Trek, and other movies and shows because everything in Star Wars looked old and used, sometimes even falling apart ("What a piece of junk!") instead of new.

    I read EVERYTHING I could about the people and methods used and created to make this movie. I learned about optical printers and masks, how the weapons were made from real guns, which I was too young to know about, and about sound design from the Master, Ben Burtt. Star Wars is still a big part of my life. I have a collection of replica props that I made myself using the same items used in the movies. These are on display in a showcase in my living room. Yes, the Stormtrooper E-11 Blaster is made from a real British Sterling MK IV L2A3 submachine gun, but with 8 detriments done to it to render it unable to ever function again. Hey, I want a replica movie prop, not a weapon, or charges.


    Though there have been a few movies that came close to my Star Wars experience it was never replicated again until "The Matrix." Because of my research in movie making I gained an ability to predict what was going to happen next in a movie, and I knew how everything was done. This was not the case with The Matrix. I was lost for the first 15-20 minutes wondering what the HECK was going on! This was new and gripped me. I did not know how the special effects were done. This was also new. I had to learn about the new breakthroughs in SFX created to make this movie, such as "Bullet Time." This movie also parallels Zen in a big way, and my research in Zen was materialized on screen in a great visual analogy. I now had a way to "show" someone the sense of Zen "no mind". Until then it was as impossible to explain to someone as explaining exactly what a particular sound sounds like. Now I could say "Remember that scene in the Matrix where...."

    I made costumes for my wife and I for a Halloween party. We don't look like anyone from the film but the idea was to look like we just stepped out of the Matrix. We got a LOT of great compliments, especially when I would make a prop cell phone ring, answer it and say "...Yeah...we're in."


    Another movie that has had a big impact on my life is Mad Max, which has driven me to the point of importing a car from Australia to build a replica of the black Interceptor car. This is an ongoing project and is my dream car that I did not know was built from a production car until 2003. Once I learned this, and that repair parts for the car, as well as the custom body parts, were still available I HAD to have one, and I do. The film has also influenced my style for filming car chases. It has "something" that films like The Fast and The Furious cannot match with the computer driven effects.

    Steve Olander

  18. Well Monday morning and its a beautiful day! I am going out of town and won't be back till Friday afternoon. I am going to try and post comments this week but not sure if I will have access. Watched Amazing Race and I'm still rooting for my cowboys! Breaking Bad was awesome again as usual. Is that Hank tough or WHAT? And who warned him? I think it is the chicken man, and didn't I say our bad guy chemist would bring in his little ole partner again!!!! I knew he wouldn't like the assistant who was too smarmy, too buddy buddy and too knowledgeable to work with. After he learned all the secrets, why keep our hero? I have posted all my favorite shows to record. All you people who have Direct TV and can record, am I missing something? Is there no way to record two shows at once? What's the deal. I know if you are watching one, you can record the other but hey, I am not always watching one of the two. The Tudors is getting sexy sexy sexy!!! I love this mini series too. Have I become a tv addict???? My tv cds didn't make it yet so will be waiting for me when I get home or at least I hope so. Will have to start checking if they're not here when I return. See you later or next week! Keep up the good work.

  19. Reading some of the posts brings ideas to mind regarding first movies or first sight of new effects in movies. Mad Max was one, the rawness and grittiness of the movie added to the fear of a future projected in the film. And the movie started a trend of its type. Star Wars was a jumping off movie, and started its following. Alien another. Now I have to say, Space Odessey 2001 was a mind bender for me. I loved it and still do. The space scense blew me away at the time. And the space travel to the moon shown as just another shuttle run of passengers, with the plsstic or paper cups, trays, etc. Almost like the cattle run of our current airline travel, although not as much security. lol The Matrix was fascinating with its special effects. Beautiful movements. The story line was unclear to me, and developed into another shoot em up but the special effects of the movements and the long black coats and the beauty of the hero and heroine was terrific. Saw the sequels and even thou okay, nothing equaled those first time scenes of the players movements. Now there have been other movies without special effects, etc but which affected me greatly at the time. A Face in the Crowd. The idea that we as the public was a mindless sea of humanity which could be manipulated by any face in the crowd was very scary to me. And the tool was mass communication of the time, television. Innocence before computers now. I realized nothing could be trusted. Of course I was of the generation who saw Kennedy killed in Dallas, and then watched th assassination of Oswald live right before my eyes! I felt my world was falling apart or what I had believed to by my world of some order. Anyway it will be exciting to see what movies are made that are groundbreakers in the future. Will check in again later.

  20. HK Long lunch, Huh. World war 2 was in full bloom, We watched every war movie that came out.I was more intrested in the air war as we lived near the airport and could identify a P-51 long before it came into view. No one movie hooked me. I loved them all. Hate to admit it but sometimes the movie we went to was influenced by the cartoon that was showing. Our favorites were Donald Duck or Road runner. After 70 years of movies am totaly burned out on the slash, bash and blood movies. What still scares the bejabbers out of me is setting the stage and taking you up to the point and then letting your imagination take over. Your imagination {if you have one} can be far more scary than watching some one get butchered. Still believe in setting the stage (beginning), building to a climax and a good ending answering all questions. But that is just one persons opinion. Thank god. Some good stuff {not much}but hard to watch due to all the commercials that can possibly be squeezed into an hour show. Remember when Chevrolet was the sole sponser of the Dinah Shore show. An hour show with three commercials.You guys in the movie business have a tough row to hoe. See ya.

  21. HK - cartoons before the movie - I only got to experience that twice in my life - once at the Drive-In theater in Tulsa Oklahoma and when I was in Austin - there was theater chain there showed cartoons before every movie AND you could also get burgers delivered to while you were watching the movie - that was fun!

    I would agree to the larger slant that the horror movie that brings one to the edge - then lets one(s) imagination take over is a ton of fun - add in some grand sound effects and I think a lot of times - it's even worse that way.

    One thing I did like about the slasher films when they first came out - Friday the 13th/Last House on the Left & Halloween etc - was one sure got the girl on the date to hang onto ya in the theater ! lol Hey I'm just being honest.

    Actually - one of the scariest things out right now - is that TV show - I Survived - and it shows nothing - it's just people talking about the attacks they went through - but the words and the fact we know it really happened - man that show has caused me to sit up in bed late at night when I hear a strange noise ;-/

    Here's to my movie scaring the bee-jeez outta ya though lol ;-)

  22. Good Morning to all! Being out of town I haven't been able to watch my tv shows but did set for recording before I left. Will catch up with all when I get back. Before I left we did watch a really unusual movie, called Lost Souls. Anybody else see it? I'm sure it probably didn't do well at the box office if it even made it to the box office. There were some really funny lines in the movie and of course, the main character (and I can't think of his name but he played in the karoke movie, the wine movie, and played John Adams in tv series. He is really good and the movie wasn't perfect but it kept my attention to the end. Where do people come up with these ideas for movies? Got to go, talk to you later.

  23. You're right about I Survived or I'm Alive, whichever. They have the actual people who lived through these horrows and talk about scary. Some of the events wouldn't even be believed ina movie. I didn't know people could survive the gun shots, in the head no less, the knifings, and being set on fire, not to mention beatings, and being run over by cars. I even have wasp spray in all my rooms of the house now. Those babies spray at least 20 feet in a steady stream and that would not feel good in your face. And then if that didn't make you worry at night, then we get the stories about some poor soul falling off a roof, down a hill and with no one in the vicinity, crawling inch by inch with broken bones back to his house where his cell phone is. I figured the cell phone was probably worthless in the area but it did work. Then the guy caught up in a snow avalanche in Siberia or somewhere and with a broken pelvis!!!! slid and crawled for over 8 miles with sub zero temperatures, and had to enter a body freezing river to get to a road he knew about where someone Might drive down. Or the guy who was cutting a tree and cleaning an old historic cemetery and had a metal hook flip around, clamp into his throat and bind him to a tree. Of course he was far into some woods away from everyone. And the guy who was running some farm equipment and tried to clear some jammed material, and of course, ended up with one arm ground up inthe machine and penned down. You know, there are so many horrors it makes you wonder how we get up out of bed every morning and make it to bed that evening..... And this is not even mentioning the bear attacks, the big cat attacks, pumas, lions, etc., and alligator attacks.

  24. Well I am on a ranch in northern tip of Oklahoma and it has been great except for yesterday and this morning. The owner's personal horse was found yesterday morning lying in the field and wouldn't get up. After working all day with ranch hands, and vet, etc the horse was up and was walked for hours. Shots and so on were given and last night the horse was still standing and gave signs of gettintg a little better. The owner stayed in the barn with the horse and this morning was very encouraged. Vet was one the way to check up and during the hour taken by Flo to have coffee and some breakfast, and then went out to meet the vet, they both walked into barn and the horse was dead. Shocking to say the least when something dies. Doesn't matter what, death affects us all. It seems sometimes all the care and work in the world can't stop death. On to the movies, I noticed bad reviews on Iron Man II. Anybody seen it and have their own opinions? For such a strange little movie, Lost Souls has stayed on my mind. Anyone seen it but me? Being away at the ranch, I haven't seen any tv this week but have recordings waiting for me. Is Lost not on this week until Sunday? I read on net that Casey survived another week of Idol. I know he doesn't have much time left, as well as Michael. I haven't seen 24 yet but looking forward to watching when I get back home, so don't tell me what happened. Until later.

  25. Are you talking about Lost Souls with Winona RYder? Yes - LOST was on - and it was shocker. Nikki and I can't wait for Sunday - IRON MAN2 for us!

  26. Good Morning to all! Well the last day at the Ranch, leaving this afternoon. Looks like a storm coming up, big dark clouds, and wind picking up. Cows are all mooing and roaming around. Back to the world of movies, and tv. Have enjoyed my time here but anxious to get back to my fantasy world too! Back to all the other daily chores and little problems, etc too. And family and friends.... Not much talk of movies while here. Most of these friends are book readers, not too much movie goers. Some tv but not much. There really is a world of these people....although I did hear a lot....my husband dominates the tv and doesn't like to watch what I like! I can't watch videos because my husband won't allow me to switch from tv to video because he's afraid we won't be able to get it back to his tv shows!!! I guess you can believe its hard for me to keep my mouth shut! But if thats the way you want to live, so be it. Sorry all you movie makers, etc., there are still hold outs. But you have the majority I'm sure. Well, until I'm back into the magic world of films, not much more to say. Later

  27. Answering a reply to one of my Posts, no Wynona Ryder was not in this Lost Souls. You know the actor who played John Adams on tv mini series, & movie about he and friend following the wine trail in California, the traveling disillusioned salesman who had a mini breakdown and left his family, while following the karaoke circuit, and is a great actor. Well he is the main character of Lost Souls and he plays a stage actor who is bogged down in a current role with the seriousness of it all, and it is affecting his acting. He's about to have a nervous meltdown and someone gives him an ad in magazine which advertises "Soul Storage". In New York of course and even though sceptical, he makes appointment and ends up storing his soul in bottle placed in secured storage at the facility. Meanwhile a Russian "mule" is smuggling Russian souls into the states to sell as people want to buy the souls of Russian poets, writers, etc. and so on. Meanwhile our hero is not without a soul and feels better with all that weight gone. Of course his acting is now kaput as he has no soul to put into his role. And he is insulting all he and his wife's friends as he has no sympathy for their worries and problems but instead tells them bluntly to "pull the plug on an ailing relative" to end the problem of taking care of them. His horrified wife and friends can't imagine what has happened to him. Anyway more problems come up and he decides to get his soul back only to find his soul has been stolen by the Russian "mule" to take back to the soul supplier to give to his pretty wife who wants to be an actress and needs the soul of a famous actor, specifically Al Pacino. So when the mule broke in facility and looked up actors, the only one was our hero's soul. So she stole it and they told the aspiring actress it was Al Pacino's soul and she was happy and felt it helped her acting ability. Meanwhile our hero, after having a meltdown when finding his soul gone, threatens the soul storage owner to disclose the mules name, and travels to Russia to get his soul back. When he finds out the woman who took his soul is a soap opera actress he nearly faints and so on. Definitely not Wynona Ryder material.

  28. Just want to correct my former posts on movie, Lost Souls. It wasn't Lost Souls, it was Cold Souls with Paul Giavanni. I think my title was better but nevertheless, that is why you mentioned Wynona Ryder. She is in a horror movie called Lost Souls. Just wanted to set everything straight.

  29. Now I know the movie you are talking about - where the guy sells his soul or something with Paul G' - yes I remember the trailers well - and I wanted to see it - waiting for it to come out on Redbox - dollar movie rentals I just can't beat - but I did hear some great things about the movie - as soon as I see it I'll share my opinion ;-)

  30. Well I just wanted to mention thoughts on Breaking Bad and The Tudors. Breaking Bad made me so nervous last night. I know my priorities are wrong but I was worried about the unfinished job at the lab, about the partner playing nutso in the lab, the time limit flying by, the chicken man's revenge for no product!! Then add the maniac legless killer threat and the anger of the family, and I was a wreck all evening. There is no doubt in my mind Chicken guy was the one who warned Hank. He is definitely making a bid for the whole shebang business. No wonder they throw in a rather bland week now and then or we'd all have our nails chewed off. And talk about a compulsive behavior personality, does our hero have it or not?? I loved the scene where the legless killer is crawling to the door and our hero and all the cops are leaning backwards in horror. What a scene. Then we jump to The Tudors. Of course as I said in earlier posts, Culpepper and the Queen as exposed as lovers, as well as her former lover before she married the King. And one of the Queen's maids who helped set up the clandestine meetings and kept a watch out for the lovers. What did these people think would happen to them? The Queen was very very young and stupid, and evidently felt she really loved Culpepper, but how smart do you have to be to know what beheading is? And after several predecessor wives having their heads chopped off, or left in isolation & banished from court, don't you think you would possibly restrain yourself? Evidently she was like all our current politicians who somehow think they will never be caught or if so, they can conjole or lie their way out of it. Although I think if I was going down that path, today would be better than then. Disgrace, loss of money, and even prison today would be better than torture, being drawn and quartered, partially hung, and being beheaded. Not too hard to figure that one out. Watching the previews of next week, I would have to say I agree with the new possible choice for Queen, who appears to be saying, I don't think I want to be number six wife of that particular King. I don't see the benefit of it compared to the possible consequences. Sounds like a smart girl to me! Of course, she may not have a choice. Hmmm. Looking forward to 24 tonight. How was Ironman II? Reviews have not been great but still seems to be making a killing. Shows was great publicity can do.

  31. I feel like I am a little late to this party but I had to put up my post. The first movie I remember seeing was 'The Lion King' in a theater that had just opened in my town. It was like a luxury experience all of my hometown in a shiny theater sharing the one equal celebration. I think that's what I love about movies. When you are in a theater and the lights are out everyone is equal and you are enjoying this shared experience.

    The film that made me realize the power of movies..I have two. One is Steel Magnolias. My mom and I use to sob every time and laugh together, it's considered a precious memory between she and I. The other is Baz L. Romeo and Juliet. I remember my friends and I seeing it over and over again. At one point we were laying on the floor in front of the front row because we wanted to take it in from every possible angle and suck every emotion dry.
    That's when I knew the strength of films.

  32. What is great about your post Nicole - it goes back to words you use within your comment - a lot - if not the majority - of the movies that we adore and hold up high within our memories are not just about the movie - but about the experience we have with the movie - it's why I always say to people - it's about creating an experience - not just writing a story ;_0