Monday, April 26, 2010


Monday!  Monday - man do I love Mondays! I really do. Sunday - another story - Sunday is always the day that provides a bit of angst for me as an #extremeindie filmmaker. Reason being - when you are your own boss - when you are building your own career - your own company - Sunday is just another work day  - it's that way because - that's what

it takes to get something moving. Add to that - the only reason anyone starts something of their own is because they love it/believe in it. If one is doing it for any other reason - it usually fails. The amount of work before a payoff arrives is usually 3 years - so - you're gonna work your butt of for/on average - three years - without much to show for it -  you better love it. That's why when it's said to me - it just seems so much work - I say yes - it is a lot of work. A lot. At the same time - working seven days a week - on something you are passionate about - not really that much a burden is it. I've dug ditches and poured concrete in the summer months of hot humid Tulsa days - and while I have no problem sweating and working that hard - I'd rather be putting all that effort into something I love. 
So why is Sunday the angst day for me - and not Mondays. Because Sunday is the day where friends all want to go out and catch you for lunch etc - and inside I'll fight internally and say - well man - it is Sunday - take a day off. When in reality - there just is no time.

Monday is simple -  it's a work day for everyone - and thus - no pressure from anyone to do anything but work - love it! ;-)

I'll wrap with this -  making/creating movies - what gets me up in the morning. 

That simple. I love it.

Below is a shot of that hard work thus far - 489 frames of the storyboard - with about 1100 more to go by May 31st. Big task - but I'll meet the deadline. 

This week I'll do a video and explain/show another key element that the storyboard process has allowed me to gain a huge advantage on - in the pre-production stage - it has to do directly with saving time and designing "tricks" for the set build. 

Back to work for me - look forward to talking with you all this week - about your projects and more.

Stay strong and positive my #extremeindie fans and friends ;-)

BYtheBY - did you miss the secret page video this Saturday - man was it a hit or what - we got so many hits on it this week we were shocked. Over 500 of you! Now that was fun! Wait 'til you see what we show next week on that page!

I'm jus' sayin'



  1. The SB program looks like it is proving to be well worth the money for you. The ancillary benefits are great. I'm enjoying the videos of your use of the program too. Keep pluggin'!

  2. Well I need to start looking for the secret video. I want to see it. Storyboard so far looks great! Just not quite big enough. lol Keep us all posted on your progress and also, do you never have any trouble or stopping point that is hard to push through? Or does it go non stop until the finish and then the analyzing begin?