Friday, April 23, 2010


I sincerely hope all the members of the site that are following and supporting the movie by being members here - thoroughly  enjoyed the newsletter that was sent out last night. Keep in mind - as the movie progresses - you alone will be receiving videos that will not be made public - of auditions and of
myself working with the actors preparing them for their roles. It's going to be a very demanding movie for the actors - one woman is having to shave her head into a mohawk - and yes - it will be done live here on the site. Not to mention a ton of stunts - Ahhh the magic and joy of making movie magic - and this movie will be physiologically intense - for the actors as well as the audience.

Damn I love this biz. 

We are also going to be selling limited edition books of the complete movie in storyboard format - with all the stills included - and -  we are also selling a limited run of the movie version of the storyboard - complete with dialog and sound.

It will be a very exclusive short run for both formats - no more than twenty - to - twenty-five.

Of course the members will be getting a huge discount code.

And... members will automatically be in line for the contest to win a book of all the storyboard stills - and - one lucky member will be getting the book of stills - signed by the whole cast  - and - a copy of the storyboard in movie format - with dialog and all - free - if they win the contest - details all coming soon!

Stay tuned.

It's the least we can do for our members.

Before I head off for some much needed gym and breakfast to clear my mind - creatively it's drained - figured I 'd share some still shots of the storyboard I've been working on tonight. I do hope you enjoy - talk soon movie fans - I mean that.

Now it's gym - then eggs - then coffee - then back on the storyboard - 'cause whenever you are resting - someone else is working and moving ahead of ya ;-)

I'm jus' sayin'


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  1. The program looks like it is giving you some really cool results, though I am not sure what I am looking at, which is intentional of course.

    Great ideas for the book and footage. Creative thinking.

    I enjoyed the newsletter. I like the layout and enjoyed the content, and I am not just saying that because I was mentioned in it. :P