Tuesday, April 6, 2010


DAY: 015
Making an #extremeindie horror movie - from script to distribution: with Oklahoma Ward.


I'm just sayin'...



  1. Sooooo - are you saying you can't just take 4 hours off tonight to go to the movies and get dinner? Or - what about... let's go look at shoes? Um.... Bowling? ;)

  2. Cat box,,,,,,hahahhaha " REAL independent film makers empty cat boxes"

    there is a T shirt in that

  3. We need to get Craig a photo lol - you know what - that IS a T-Shirt we will be selling here on the site by next week - how did ya know Craig!

    And yeah - Nikki ummmm well - where's that blog you posted was gonna be up today - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Two type of people in the Indie business - those that make it - and those that don't.

    Back to work for now - been getting e-mails asking about details of the movie - gonna have to figure what I can share with the horror fans without giving away any surprises 8-0

  4. Sticking to a set schedule. What a luxury that would be for anyone in this day, wouldn't it? So many things that also demand our attention, and also those that don't understand, as you said, your need to stick to a schedule.

    Principle photography for my short is in May. The only schedule I can manage between my job and the actor's jobs and school schedule are Saturdays. Looks like every Saturday in May, unless it rains. That could take filming into June. First weekend of June my wife and I will have her car at the All Ford Nationals, so that's out. Since my actors are not professional actors I have to accomodate their schedules.

    It will be about 20 minutes, maybe 25 minutes long, but will take days to shoot. while shooting your horror movie is that the only thing that is happening or are there breaks of "life" that have to enter into the filming schedule?

    Ok, it's Tuesday night. Time to get the garbage together to take to the street. Gotta empty the cat box too.

    Is that an Indie Film Maker thing? The cats are really necessary, aren't they?

  5. Every Saturday in May - I love it - now that's #extremeindie for ya - same way OPEN WATER was made - its a get it done no matter how ya have too attitude that is the difference between the make it's and the not gonna make it ppl - in my opinion.

    We are gonna have to get you to start posting more about your short film and keep us updated with pics and such - give everyone another view on how it can get done.

    The horror film shoot will be three weeks - with a one day break and that's it - will be tough on the crew for they will have to wrk straight through - the actors will be scheduled as they are in the movie - only one or two of the actors will be on set the whole schedule ;-)

  6. Bowling? *cricket cricket*.... DOH! 8O

    No - in all seriousness - I love this life and wouldn't have it any other way. The thrill of working your ass off - against all doubts and doubters and pulling it off and feeling accomplished and proud of what you've done. I just love it. Nothing else in the world I'd rather be doing. I'm w/you on this one Oak.

  7. Only one day of break in 3 weeks. That's intense especially with the long days of filming. It will also make for great stories for all involved. I hope they all understand that patience will be tested.

    I'd love to post about my film as it goes. Yeah, "another way" to do it; winging it as a beginner. I am waiting to hear back from the theater group leader at our local high school. I contacted him to see about getting the teenage actors I need for those rolls in the film. If it's possible then I will talk with him on the phone in detail. They put on an absolutely amazing rendition of "The Music Man" a couple years ago.

    Let me know what I need to do to make posts and I'll get to it, eventually. I am also remaking the video I did for Ghost Walk Productions, LLC to make it more like a movie trailer. I am working with the Art Director to understand what they want, plus my own ideas.

  8. Steve - yeah - long hours - but in my experience on two sets for the filming in Austin - which was three to four weeks with only two days off for main crew and in Mannford which was I think two weeks with no days off - the time flew - and the adrenaline and the excitement on set - no one wanted to leave lol. Maybe it's different once one hits a large Hollywood pic - but on indie films - man - no one really ever seems to want it to end ya know.

    I'll contact you this weekend about getting you up and running on posting your experience here on the blogs my friend ;-) Look forward to it actually.

  9. Hey, that's a point I didn't think about. On the indie films the actors are a little more hungry as they are doing something that will hopefully spring board their careers. I've also been under the impression that the big name actors sometimes like to do indie films for the "something different" experience or maybe getting to do a movie they find interesting that the big studios typically would not bother with. So, excited and motivated actors.....what a way to make a film!

    I've been planning some pictures, maybe even some video, of behind the scenes stuff for the "special features" section. It may be really neat if I get discovered at a festival, I get asked if I have any scripts, and launch my career. I am sure many have this same dream, but you gotta dream.

    When you start having regrets instead of dreams you've stopped living your life. I wish I could take credit for that notion but I can't, so I just live by it.