Saturday, April 24, 2010


Some Saturday movies and their trailers that maybe you didn't know about - or - maybe you did - but a few that I'm jotting down to go see.

GREAT DIRECTORS: I can't wait to get hold of this one - and Richard Link' must be thrilled to be listed and included in this Doc' - I agree he should be - you?

TALES FROM THE SCRIPT: The frustration, the horror, the elation, the marginalization, the anger and the happiness of being a screenwriter.

ADVICE: - Screenwriters..... go back and get better!

So there ya go - two grand looking movies that I am wanting to watch right now - but - I'm going to get breakfast - drink some coffee - and get on the storyboard - knock out 10 more pages of it.

Brings me to this: Can you really be passionate about working in the movies - on movies - and not love to talk about them? I mean that - is that possible? I've met people who claim to want to be in this business - and yet - would rather talk about the weather - or relationships - the opposite sex. I don't get it - and personally - not the type I really want to work with either. 

Ted Hope posed this question:  Two people - same qualifications - applying for the same job on a movie - do you pick the one with a greater following on a social network - all the replies seemed to agree with what I think - yup - without question.  Under that stated circumstance - without question - the larger social network.  

Me personally - I add to my list of criteria -  this scenario:  Two people - same qualifications - applying for the same job - one speaks passionately about movies and the craft they are applying for - the other does not. I go with passion - every - single - time. Without hesitation - under the scenario stated above.

With that - heading to work on the storyboard - here are some pics:

Have a grand one!
I'm jus' sayin'


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