Tuesday, April 6, 2010

MOVIE CHAT: An Education and Daddy Issues

Well - I finally had the pleasure of watching 'An Education'. I hadn't heard much about this film until the Oscars - I think I saw the preview for it, but then sort of forgot about it - but after the Oscars - I was bound and determined to see this movie! I love any movie that involves a sexy older man and a young woman with Daddy issues ;)

All joking aside - I really enjoyed this film. Here is the trailer - take a look:

Now - first off - I have to give a nod to Carey Mulligan. That girl has mad talent - and huge presence on screen. Finally a young actress who has the potential to be a great. I'm talking Meryl Streep echelon. She really caught the escense of a young girl (16), and a first love, and that adorable smile - golden! Not to mention the emotions she went though - and took you through in the film - I was with her ever second of the way - feeling her pain, her happiness, her nervousness and butterflies. It was a magical performance - and she WELL deserved the Oscar nomination.

Another one of my favorite actors was also in it - Alfred Molina. Now - I feel he pretty much always gives a solid performance - but I especially liked him in this role. You hate him, then you like him, then you are mad at him, then you love him. He was funny, yet stoic at the same time - if that makes sense.

As for Peter Sarsgaard - well - he's charming and sexy - but not in an obvious way. You immediately have a crush on him right along with Carey's character. Without saying too much - watching him throughout the movie - I always felt something was up with him. I liked him - but I felt this impending doom coming - which in the end we find out why. He gave a great performance - spot on.

I give this movie a 9/10 and say you should DEFINITELY see this as soon as possible. Even the music is perfect - setting the whole mood and tone for the film. Brilliant.

Have you seen this yet? What did you think? Disagree? Likes? Dislikes? I want to know - so leave me a comment below!


  1. Agree about Carey - she does had mad screen - it - factor. And again - here-here nod to the Oscars - for bringing light to a grand film. the true winner of the movie is Carey and I for one will absolutely be watching out for her next performance.

  2. It's funny, 1/4 of the way into the trailer I was thinking how wonderfully the music was setting an atmosphere, maybe even the mood of the times. I really appreciate music of that era as I grew up on it when I was little. It immediately gives the film an inviting feel.

    Usually I am not interested in movies with this kind of a theme but I would watch it for the feel it invokes, the sense of the era, and to be transported to that place. The acting appears to have that effortless look, as if the characters are real, not portrayed by actors, and those are usually the best movies.

  3. I'm with you to a degree Steve - I have to really be in the mood for a film like this - it's not the type I run around on a Saturday and go YES YES YES it's starting in a few hours - but - when I am in the mood for movie like the one above - I'm glad they are/have been made - for I crave them harshly lol - ya know ;-)