Friday, June 11, 2010

MOVIE FAN CHAT: This and that...

Hello again.  Not much to report on.  Having seen much since the last time.  Watched SYTYCD, both the notifications and the first show.  I'm not too happy about 6 guys and only 5 girls.  What's the Deal?  I'm surprised none of the girls haven't complained about this.  Is there going to be two winners this year, one guy and one girl, or just one winner, which gives the guys a little edge here.  What's the deal, Nigel????  Also not too crazy about the experienced top former dancers dancing with the  new contestants.  Hopefully it will be better in future but watching the various dances, it was very hard for the viewer to pick out the current contestants from the others on the stage while dancing.  Added was the difficulty of seeing the dancers against the background lights which in effect back-lit the dancers but obliterated almost everything but their silhouettes.   Great for artistic effect but hard to do any judging.  But overall it is great to see the fabulous dancing and routines.

Selling New York is fun to watch and amazing to me.  The prices of some of these homes/apartments is staggering.  I wish the program was longer than 30 minutes at a time.  Just gets started when its time to go.  Hope they follow up on some of the homes still available at end of program.  New Yorkers are great about their enthusiasm for walking and climbing stairs!!  Gorgeous Big spaces available in the middle of the city, with fabulous views of the city.  Multitudes of windows....with outdoor space galore too.  Money seems to be able to buy anything.....I know, I know, can't buy love, but everything else seems to be game....   I envy the investor groups who are buying up brownstones to renovate into family home units.  If I were younger, and had lots of investment money, that would be fun and exciting I think.   And the Hampton places......unbelievable homes with ocean shores outside the windows.  How lucky those people are who can afford these gorgeous homes.  My mind staggers at the $25 to 28 million dollar prices.  By the time the show ends we are looking at 1.5 million condo apts in the city as hardly more than basement bargains.  What a world!

Then there is Millionaire Listing show with three young agents who sell in California which I love too.  Interesting to see the difference between their properties and clients, etc and the New York crowd.  Older crowd in NY, younger more casual group in California.  Looks a little like old money versus new money.  New York crowd wants big kitchens with family and entertainment top on the list.  California groups wants big space for all the recording equipment and entourage space.  All the rest of us in between just want a nice home with all the amenities.  But its great to see all the diversity.

I see The A Team and Karate Kid remakes are coming out soon.  Glad to see Chan working on different story line.  I always loved his great personality that jumped out from the screen.  Don't anyone tell me he's a bastard really, it would break my heart.  I was never an A Team fan of the tv series, mostly because I wasn't crazy about the lead guy, George.  But the movie with new actors might be fun for summertime no brainer action film.  And who can resist the Karate Kid story.  We all want to see the bad guys, young or old, get their just comeuppance.

Well until another movie viewing, or another tv show...


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  1. Completely agree with "dance" format change - I had tons of trouble finding who was new and not - and in reality - I wanted to see the new people fighting for their lives and showing us the struggle of someone trying to make it - and going for it - there is the drama - watching the people who have achieved something up their dancing - I'm not into - oh I'd watch them on their own show - but on this show I want to root for those who are trying to make it - stupid stupid format change.