Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MOVIE FAN CHAT: Daybreakers, Justified, Reasonable Doubt and more...

Well, we watched Daybreakers the other night, not knowing what to expect, and it was interesting to say the least.  Sometimes the plot got a little confusing but overall it was different from most vampire movies.  There was some gory looking over the hill vampires, who turned into scary monsters even to the general population of vampires from lack of real blood.  But the movie didn't depend entirely upon scary distorted makeup to carry the movie.  Oddly just watching vampires in suits and ultra sleek settings, drinking their cocktails of blood, bloody coffee and so on was hardest of all to watch for me.  Same in District 9.  That cat food in the cans being gobbled up by the aliens and half alien was very hard to watch.  I had to tell myself its not real blood in Daybreakers and not real cat food in District 9.  Funny how small images can really get to you.

There were several other items thrown in the movie for both the electric car lovers and the vintage hot movin cars so dear to most men's hearts.  One thing was not used in the film, sex.  There were no naked women or sex scenes.  We had the big brother effect, Sam Neill's group, (the overall vampire population and their police goons), the mutated cannibalistic underground vampires (enemies of all they met), the sympathetic vampire (Ethan Hawkin) who did not choose to become vampires but had been tricked or forced into vampire status, a very small pocket of real humans, and at least one human (DeFoe) turned vampire, turned back into human.  I would have loved to see the script being written on this one.

Also watched Reasonable Doubt the other night with Michael Douglas, etc.  So so movie but at least it was better than tv that night.  This is a terrible time for tv.  Always interesting to see big time actors' path after they reach an age where they can't get the big roles anymore.  But their name at least helps the movie to be picked up and watched.  And these movies help the young actors who are trying to make a name for themselves.

Well I'm sure everyone who is a fan watched Justified last night.  They have successfully set up the next season for new bad guys and new challenges to Raylan.  Was this the end of Boyd too?  We are led to believe he will  not survive, his loss of faith, his loss of father (however bad he was), his loss of friends and followers, his wounds, and his fight with the baddie who is getting away.  Will be interesting to see if Boyd appears next season.

We were also led down the path to more relations between Raylan and his ex wife, now leaving her second husband.  Not my choice but who knows.  The bad girl, told by Raylan again to leave the area, agreed to do so this time with conviction but who knows.  After all who is left to harass her now?  If she leaves it is because the series wants to bring in a new love interest for Raylan.  I was surprised that Boyd attacked his father without a better plan to protect himself and his congregation.  Did he not know his father would come with guns blazing?  I kept expecting a surprise attack from the ground or trees from Boyd against his father during the beating scene.  But at the end I realized the plot had to have Boyd join Raylan against Boyd's father and the bad guys.  I thought the episode was a good one and it kept me going all the way.  Looking forward to a next season.

The Good Wife was another rerun.  When are they going to show the finale or did I miss it?  I like this series and especially the heroine of the series.  In fact I like most of the people in this story except, of course, her convicted husband, now out with an anklet.  I like the story of the lawyers and assistants, as well as the addition of law cases thrown in.  Hope this series continues next season.

Well I will be glad when Toy Story III is out on tape.  Don't laugh but that has been one of my favorite animated series.  Shrek I was good but haven't really followed the rest, even though it seems to be a popular series of films.

By the way, did anyone watch the pilot on tv:  Persons Unknown.  Out of desperation and after much switching around, we started watching the pilot on NBC the other night.  Kind of interesting story, even though I kept wondering if they were trying for the mystery of Lost.  The premise of people being kidnapped while unconscious and all dropped into some unknown town located no one knows where.  I can tell you its not another Lost pilot by any stretch but it did offer some tempting watching.  We've been introduced to various personalities, some which are typical stereotypes:  the yelling gun pointing bully, the soldier, the cool head guy, the attractive mother, the older nurturing/nurse figure, the yelling wanta be leader, and various non faces.  The strange kinda weird additions are all the Orientals in the chinese restaurant.  What's this about?

Also we have the sub plot of the reporter looking into the disappearance of one of the abducted women (probably the lead woman in the group) and her small child who was left behind.  The child is being raised now by grandmother, and who we learn was not a good mother to her own child (the abducted woman).  During the episode we are shown evidence of this scene being watched by someone, as well as the town and its new inhabitants.  Who are the watchers?  Aliens, evil humans, evil governments, or who?

We know some mind games are going to be played as suggested by the scene of fortune cookies being given to our victims.  Many read their fortune cookies but some didn't, using the excuse of only numbers, or so on.  Later our group is met by an unknown desk clerk who has assigned hotel rooms to each.  At the closing of the show, the abducted woman with small child left at home, looks at her hidden fortune cookie and it reads:  Kill your neighbor and you will be free.  Hmmm.

Will they all be turned against each other for favors?  Will our abducted mother choose to kill another innocent victim to obtain her freedom?  Or at least try?  Only time will tell about that and how this series develops.....


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  1. I thought Justified was a top notch ending to the season - and I have to say - wow - did the father turing on his own son - man was that gut wrenching - I did love how Raylan knew he would not be trustworthy though... great ending and very much looking forward to next season. Now bring on Dexter - they are filming right now i Long Beach - we passed the filming early this morning ;-)