Thursday, June 3, 2010

MOVIE FAN CHAT: 2012, S.Y.T.Y.C.D etc...

Well as you can see we didn't have much to watch last night so we rented 2012.  Figured it would just be good old fun to watch all the special effects.  Well, as it was just my husband and I, it worked.  I know it was corny, unrealistic, and just plain crazy but it was hypnotic watching all those building, rows of houses, and huge sinkholes going off on cue.  Then in the middle of all the chaos we received a call from a friend who said, Did you see the Special Bulletin just a few minutes ago?  We said no, what was it? 

Seems our local news broke the story that a series of sinkholes had just happened on a major highway between Peoria and Lewis and the whole area was being shut down, etc.  They didn't know yet if anyone had been hurt but would reveal more later.  We said huh? and looked at each other.  Was this a joke?  But how did our friend know we were watching a disaster movie?  Then we thought, the beginning of 2012!!!  Gave us an eerie feeling for a few seconds.  So we shut down the movie and turned to the news.  Seems the one sinkhole (not a series of them) was about 12 ft by 27 ft and going.  Turned out one car fell into hole but was pulled out, no one hurt.  And also found out later that it was an area being bored underneath for a pipe, etc.  So we signed a sigh of relief and went back to watching the whole world falling in.  Shades of a plot for a movie, interruptions by Special Bulletins!  Didn't Orson Welles already do that???

So after watching the world fall apart, we watch So You Think You Can Dance auditions.  Always fun to watch and amazing too.  Not just some of the fabulous talent but the ones who only think they can dance!!!  Amazing to see the talent we have across the country.

We checked out The Road and Elephant King.  The book, The Road, was great.  Curious to see how they handled the movie.  Probably not as good but thought I would try it.  Some of us watching have not read the book so we'll compare the two viewpoints.  Elephant King I don't know but the story didn't look bad.  Have found some great little gems that way.  Cold Souls for one.  So until later.  Have saved Justified for tonight. 


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