Monday, June 14, 2010

FILMMAKING: A Slick Way To Fund Your Project

In this post you will learn about a method of funding your feature film, short film, trailer, documentary, or whatever creative project you may have. You can gain funding without bending to an investor because this method is not about investors. You will have to do some work to garner pledges, but it's for something you love and are passionate about, so you are doing this already. It's called . helps you to raise funding for your project, whether you are a filmmaker, musician, designer, writer, athlete, adventurer, illustrator, promoter, or other type of creative, has helped many of these projects gain the funding needed.

The way it works is by creating an account, putting up info about your project, entering the amount you need to raise, make rewards available for pledges of certain amounts (tangible or intangible), and then promote yourself. You can raise more than your goal if your goal is met early.

To make things fair for everyone it is an "All or Nothing" proposition. Either you raise the full amount of your goal or you get nothing, which also means the people that pledge money to your cause will only be funding a project that will be fully funded, or their pledge will not be collected. Pledges are paid with a credit card and are charged as soon as the goal is met, and not before. You also specifty a deadline, up to 90 days, to raise these funds.

So why do this at Because they have been around, have credibility, notoriety, and clout. The fee for their service is 5% of funds raised, only for fully funded projects. Otherwise you pay nothing if you don't meet your goal.

I learned about through the organization for which I am Director of Photography. Take a look at the "Ghostwalk" project page and see the layout with the project description, rewards for pledges of certain amounts down the side, a place for a trailer or other video or poster of your project, ways to promote the project through social media, and a running tally. Some of the rewards are significant with a copy of the shooting script, the opportunity to be present during shooting, dinner with the cast and crew members, signed artwork, and all the way to an Associate Producer credit for those with the pockets for it!

We at Ghostwalk are looking to raise $6,000 to shoot a trailer of the first movie. The project entails 3 movies, 3 books, internet content, and live events. There are three Producers that have taken extreme interest in the project but need something to see. At least one of the Producers is currently "very hot." The Ghostwalk story is as complex, if not even more so, as the Harry Potter series. Amazingly rich with characters, a Victorian era story with elements of intrigue, supernatural, spiritual, and societal that have never been combined before, historically accurate in Victorian northeast Ohio with actual historical locations. The entire crew is a committed and passionate group of volunteers all hand picked by Rocky Karlage, the creator of this incredible phenomena. The story is inspired by actual experiences with a reoccuring apparition that has been witnessed several times over the past 40 years, but that is just a small part of the story.

Though we are all voluteers it does not mean we are a motley crew. Renowned horror artist Billy Tackett has created several Ghostwalk logos. Graphic novel artist Tony Vardon has contributed to hash out the look and feel of the story as well as stepping up as Art Director. Artwork by Monica Trica has been graciously licensed to Ghostwalk as well. Paula Pollacchi has taken time from her professional occupation as a Video Editor to create some incredibly animated composite images with the conceptual artwork in the making of the Ghostwalk Art Video, which I edited.

If you'd care to learn more about Ghostwalk, the story, the developmental artwork, the crew, and the characters in their world we'd love to have you at our site! Just click the banner below, and prepare....

Ghost Walk: Ohio's Epic Ghost Story

Take a look through and see if it is for you. It has certainly been the way for many others!

- Steve Olander

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  1. Funny you put his up - doing Kickstarter in a few weeks myself ;-)

  2. "people,,,people who need people,,,, are the happiest people in the world,,"

  3. Good luck Oak. I hope it works out well.

    We just got contacted by a Writer/Director/Producer who claims current projects with A-listers and budgets to $50 mil. I don't know any other details but it may have been because of the listing on kickstarter. We'll see if anything comes of that.