Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MOVIE FAN CHAT: Breaking Bad, Justified, Tudors, The Road...

Well I don't know what everybody else thought but I thought Breaking Bad was awesome!!!  Did Jesse show his courage and convictions by standing up to the chicken man and his Mafioso sidekick!  I was worried to death about this plan to use the streetwalker to poison the two street thugs, THEN when Jesse was picked up by the two bad guys and driven to remote location, I really thought his time was up!   Especially after the serious talk about "no half measures" to our hero.  I thought Jesse was a goner for sure.  Then when he is taken up for the meeting with all present and realizes he has been sold out by his "partner", did you feel the anger and disgust and the fight to control himself.  How did you like the handshakes forced upon him with the two thugs.  But if that wasn't shocking enough, then the killing of the 11 year old boy and young brother of Jesse's current girlfriend! 
Did the chicken man mean this to happen when he told his two street thugs "no more kids!"?  And the last segment of this week's showing was show stopping to me!!!  Jesse's desperate drug taking attempt to get his courage up to kill the thugs himself on the street, knowing he would be killed.  His walk toward them and their readiness with guns to defend themselves when out of the blue Walt's car appears and runs down the two thugs.  And then, while Jesse is standing in total unbelieving shock, Walt gets out of the car, and very very deliberately and cooly kicks one of the thug's gun away, walks over, picks it up and shoots him in the head!!!  Looking up at Jesse, Walt says "Run" and the scene ends.  What a ride through ups and downs.

Walt's constant worry, constant hesitation, constant inability to make a decision, and his constant tries to avoid confrontation was wiped away instantly when he finally fights his conscience to the surface and makes a decision to act!!  Of course now we are all stunned at the possibly consequences of going against the cold methodical chicken man.  What is going to happen to Walt and Jesse???  We cannot wait to find out.

Also let's jump back to his brother in law, Hank,  and family.  Is his wife fighting tooth and nail, and using sexual powers of a woman to bring him back to his fighting self?   By fighting I mean his fight to get his health back and return to life with some backbone courage.  What a mate to have!  I love the way in this series we learn a lot about all the characters in the story.  Courage, deceit, sacrifice, and self preservation surfaces in all of them.  For instance the courage and fight of Hank's wife is wonderful but we also see her fear and deceit about where the money is coming from, etc. being diverted away from Hank's inquisitive questions to his nephew.  We all know Hank will find out about this phony story about Walt's gambling making tons of money and he is not going to buy that story!!!  Will that revelation be part of the stimulus to get Hank out of bed and fighting for his health back, as well as his wife's pushing?

And what about Walt's wife and her insistence in laundering the drug money Walt is making?  What a switch there!!  I can't wait to see how this works out.  Guess she has forgotten all about her boss and lover.  All that money makes a difference, doesn't it?

Well, can't wait to see how this series develops.  It would be a little hard to keep the series going without Walt and Jesse (although Jesse could leave and the series still survive but then who would get our hero into hot water?) and all the rest of Walt's family, so we know somehow Walt gets out of this latest sinkhole!  Jesse we don't know.  Great series but nerve wracking!!

Justified:  This series has gradually grown on me.  Raylan drives me crazy with his weakness for women but then I'm a woman and probably don't understand that.  lol  I did like the cleaned up and prettier look of Ava Crowder in this episode.  Don't like his ex wife's hop into Raylan's bed behind hubby's back.  But Raylan went along with it.....evidently can't help himself....hmmmm.  Boyd Crowder...what is he doing?  Does he want to be killed by his mean daddy or doesn't Boyd want to kill his dad.  And does Boyd really want to wipe out drug dealing in his neighborhood?  Murder and mayhem doesn't seem to bother him, why drugs??  Is this just another part of his reborn act or what?  I really like this actor.  Loved his church scene.  Crazy.....   Hope this series continues to go up and keep stories interesting.  Will see what develops.

The Tudors:  Well I have enjoyed this series very much.  Interesting on many levels, sex, politics, religion, backstabbing, murder, schemes, diseases of the times (we just want to scream, hygiene!!, hygiene, hygiene!!!)  Old King Henry is getting older, sicker, and more demented regarding his personal desires for revenge, power, and land.  We know from history this story has to go this way but hate to see this rapid decline.  And what about all those vengeful religious leaders!  They just love burning people at the stake!!  Now they have their eyes on the new Queen.  I did like the one's lines when he learns the Queen has appointed her own personal religious leader (as he believes in religious reform), ..."And I thought the Queen was supposed to be intelligent!"  Have to agree with that statement....we know the Queen is aware of all those previous Queens being beheaded, etc. and that Mary, the King's oldest daughter, is a stanch Catholic, so what does she do immediately when she becomes Queen.  Start promoting religious reform!!

Mary has made her passionate promise to restore the old church when she becomes Queen and ruler of England.  This to her oldest and staunchest ally, the emissary from the Emperor, who has gout so bad he is literally crippled (we want to scream, quit eating all that rich food!).  Elizabeth, the second daughter of King Henry and Anne Bolyn, whose mother started the reform of the church, as we know from history is the one who outlasts and rules the land, Our present Queen wants to keep Elizabeth on the path to the reform of the church and asks this of Elizabeth's personal tutor (and of course, asks in secret and that it be kept a secret.  Starts out with "I know I can trust you!")  What planet were these people from?

And doesn't the Duke who is one of the King's oldest friends (as close as any friend of the King can be) just get better looking as he ages??  Of course he doesn't show his age too much on this series.  Now he has brought home a french maiden who he captured on the battlefield and has fallen head over heels in love with.  I know his wife has ignored him for years and doesn't love him any more, but still.  Bringing home another woman to the homestead doesn't seem too wise.

Rain this morning, starting with a storm.  But supposed to have heat heat heat and sunshine this afternoon.  See you later.   


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  1. I only saw one glaring thing wrong with the Breaking Bad plot-line - it' never got me too scared that Jessi was going to get killed as I can't see the writers of the show killing him off - that's why Walt's brother in law scene was so horrifying - I completely believed they could and might have killed him off... that's the main problem with shows like 24 and on and on - they put that character in the line of fire - but ya know - they ain't gonna kill them off... now - if you want to see everyone fall of their chair and talk all summer long until next season of Braking Bad - kill Jessi - that would send shock waves.... they won't though - so - where does that leave us - I think -it leaves us with Walt maybe going after the main bad guy - or stating he is going to kill the main bad guy - his boss ya know - maybe end the show with a bullet in that guys head - and we go - holy hell - all season long - or maybe at least - a bullet in Jessi and we don't know if he will live or die all summer long - but even that - that I will know will not happen... so I would be the one going - Jessi will be fine - I think the best thing is to have Walt kill his boss because he knows his boss is going to kill Jessi ;-)