Monday, June 14, 2010

MOVIE FAN CHAT: Breaking Bad, The Tudors and more...

Wow!  Talk about a teaser ending last night on BB.  Jesse, Jesse, Jesse!!!  Didn't think you were ever going to pull that trigger.  And then I think, why am I egging on a unprovoked killing of a relatively innocent man.  I know, I know, he was making meth and surely knew the possible consequences but still, he wasn't threatening Jesse.  Do you think I will be waiting next season with bells on??  You betcha!  Questions abound.  Will chicken man take revenge on the scumbag attorney?  Will chicken man threaten Walt's family?  Guess the kitchen homey meals with chicken man ended last night, right?  I loved the old flashback of Walt and wife contemplating the purchase of a home and expecting first child.  Walt says, "Why can't we go overboard on price, things will only go up from here."  What innocent dreams and optimism we humans harbor.

The Tudors.  Henry is getting older and much more feeble.  The Queen is walking a perilous path on a narrow walkway.  Do you think any of us today would stick by our religious or moral convictions in the face of the possible horrible consequences of that time?  Both men and women can exhibit great courage at times, can't they?  Just watching the horrible tortures and deaths is hard for me, can't even imagine the real deal.

As stated before, does this series make you think twice about any possibility of losing our precious protection in law of this country?  Those laws which we casually yell about and which probably help many a criminal go loose, those laws are for us.

Understand Madmen will be starting new season soon.  I'm sure Dexter will be following sometime.  Big Love must be in there somewhere.

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  1. LOL - I know EXACTLY how you felt during the last minute of Breaking Bad - I found myself going - Jesse - PULL THE DAMN TRIGGER - and then immediately felt bad for saying that - talk about making one question themselves - it also makes one realize - while I know plenty of people who were like - see - it can be handled like a business and the wife was crazy for leaving Walt - he is just doing business - and then this episode - and the reality of what Walt is doing and the danger he has put his family in - oh those people can break bread with you alright - but - they will also kill you without blinking an eye - you life means NOTHING to them - and what an ending - WHAT AN ENDING - I was thinking - DAMN Jesse - a gun is gonna be behind you any minutes - get outta there - and then BLAM - did he shoot the guy - who knows - he did move the barrel off his target - who knows - now we gotta wait til next season - I love it - proves the theory - always leaving them wanting more - and I WANT MORE lol. What great writing - and what great acting - love that show!