Thursday, June 10, 2010

FILMMAKING: Musclin', My Short Film: PART 2

To update the progress on my film, the unexpected set-back of everyone's schedules has been a positive event in disguise. This has given me the time to acquired the Canon HV30 high def camera I mentioned in my last post, in new condition, for $400 off the regular retail price. I've also secured permission to shoot at the ice cream stand.

I got the camera from, where else, ebay. You have to read the auctions carefully to know which camera is a good buy. It has a "CINEMA" mode that produces a film camera look, and along with a 24p (24 frames per second) frame rate, just like film, it produces an absolutely amazingly rich look with vibrant colors. There are many videos on Youtube and Vimeo that have been shot with this camera with amazing results. I recorded myself cleaning up a rowboat I am putting up for sale just to have something to play with and see how I can make it look.

I met with the owner of the ice cream shop that I feel is a geat location for the confrontation between the Hero and the Villain in my story. As soon as I mentioned I was making a short film to enter into festivals, and I thought their humble shop would make a great scene, she got a HUGE smile on her face. She was very interested in their business being in a film, and also the opportunity for publicity. Her daughter, who works the window, asked if she could be the one to give the food to the guy. I said "sure", since it is what she does anyways. She has "work experience."

I stopped by the Sheriff's Office and though I was expecting something like a small Police Station I instead found a hole in the wall with a locked door. I'll have to give him a call on the phone.

I stopped by the gas station I want to use and spoke with the manager. She gave me the business card of the VP of the company that owns the station. I will be calling her tomorrow on my day off.

I have made changes to the script about 4 times since it was "finished." Oklahoma Ward has made comments in this blog about how it seems even though a script is finished, it is never really finished.

So now I am designing a crude, but effective, camera stabilizer for the Canon HV30. I have drawn another design for one but I don't have the time to do all the engineering and prototyping before shooting this film. Though that design is much more sofisticated the "quick" design should be as effective as I need it to be while shooting "Musclin' ".

I also need to write up a contract between me and the ice cream shop owners. I explained this to her so that there would be a complete understanding of all the terms and conditions. I have sample contracts which I can just make changes to in order to better fit my circumstances. This is needed to assure my free use of their business, their business sign, and their permission forever to use the footage at my discrection, in every current and future medium, indefinately. I also have contracts for individuals. This also falls under that "cover your butt" topic I had in another post.

Slowly but surely progress is happening. I just recovered from a computer glitch that put me out for over a week, but there was no upside to that, unlike the scheduling set-back.

- Steve Olander

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