Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MOVIE FAN CHAT: Shutter Island, Date Night, Kick-Ass and more...

Shutter Island.  Just watched last night and liked some things, didn't like others.  Where was this island situated?  In the worst weather area of the world for sure!  From seeing inception previews, the deep resonant sound portraying fear and impending doom was recognizable and works for sure.  I became a little irriated at the main character's guilt ridden memories and was ready to commit him myself for that alone.  Leonardo is not my favorite actor so sometimes I have to overcome my dislike of his facial expressions to remember the character he is portraying.  Of course by the end I was not sure what to believe.  I remembered the eye contact between "Albert" or the federal marshall?? and various insane patients on the grounds.  It was definitely directed at him.  And the note specifically for him.  Also the amused looks and actions of the staff regarding the doctors present previously.  All of this supported the idea he was a patient, etc.  But the whole premise was a little silly.  I can't imagine any facility allowing that much license and use of all the patients to create an atmosphere for one patient.  But it kept me watching to the end.  I would have liked a definite ending as to which was true but that's not the trend these days.
Watched Date Night the other night and that was a complete waste of time.  Could have been a funny cute movie but it wasn't.  The only funny part was the reaction of parties when cars became stuck together.  Otherwise, pathetic.  I knew better but was hoping for a miracle.  A funny movie!!!
Kick Ass was a surprise to me.  I actually enjoyed it for a quirky action film.  Nickolas Cage is always a blast.  He can act so much the nerd pyschopath.  I liked the wanta-be hero and the tough little girl.  I liked the bad guy's son who longs to be accepted by tough dad but ends up liking the good guys.  All in all, a neat little movie!!!
Not much out there right now.  I am looking forward to seeing inception, even if it does have Leonardo in it.  lol  Special effects in previews look awesome.  Even though it had excessive violence and the usual shoot em up solution to problems, I will never forget the first time awesome look of the Matrix action clips.  Great visual effects!!!
One of my favorite tv shows, Madmen, has started and its great to see all my favorite characters again.  Love Dad but hope he gets his act together and quits acting like a real heel.  One of the great things about this show is its vintage time.  The scene about Don finding out about his good friend and wife of the man whose identity Don stole was great and revealing.  He discovers she is the only one who doesn't know she has terminal cancer.  The doctor has discussed it with everyone else but her.  I had forgotten there was a time when doctors did this.  They decided who should know and who shouldn't know about a terminal illness.  Forget about patient rights.  Hard to believe in this day and time.  I love Peggy in this series.  The scene with her climbing on her desk to spy on Don was hilarious!!  And the cliques everyone believed back then, even the women against women:  such as, Peggy must have slept with Don to get the job position she had in the business.  And this by a secretary who had slept with the boss.
Isn't the young boy who lives down the street from Don's ex-wife and kids a real creepy kid????  He scared me the first time I saw him in the series and now even more.  Be careful what you say in front of this young man!!  You may get more than you bargained for!  Does Don's ex hate him or what!!!  And what a saint her new hubbie is.  Wonder how long that is going to last.  So many twists and turns in this series, as in all good stories.  Can't wait for Dexter to start.
Certain reality shows are great fun.  I still love Project Runway, and Design Star, and the newest one, Art Works or some such title.  I really enjoyed this one!  Maybe because I paint myself and could really connect to the contestants.  What an opportunity for these young artists to meet with very influential art promoters, gallery owners, and well known artists in New York.  Love Chopped too.  Makes me a wreck with the short time period and the usually horrible ingredients but enjoy the show.  Aren't those judges really nasty or what???
Being a bit old-fashioned, I still love Survivor and Amazing Race.  Can't help myself, just love em!
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