Friday, August 20, 2010


As we prepare during pre-production for the set building to break ground - all engines are full steam on for costumes, props, and final storyboard editing - camera shots to be completed before set build begins. Have fun with the new update - we will be featuring key supporters in all future videos - we have an ocean of everyday supporters - be patient and your name will appear in our video blogs as our way of saying thank you and letting you know how important your support is for us and all indie films. Thank you - enjoy - the next update will be very soon and please remember to have all your friends become a member of the site - it helps us tremendously.

1 comment:

  1. Great update! Snazzy lights. What brand are those Craig? How many LEDs? Are they LEDs?

    Close-up clarity? I could see the dust mites on the lint!! Pretty awesome.

    Wow, that pipe Nikki was crawling through is smaller than I thought. Great acting with the grunts, yelps, and effort too. Of course I've seen the trailer already. ;)