Thursday, August 26, 2010

MOVIE FAN CHAT: The Girl Who Played with Fire, Dexter etc...

Well after seeing The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, we went to see the Girl Who Played With Fire.  Now as I wrote before, I have read the books and I can tell you, the Fire one drove me up the wall.  I was so upset over the events in the book I could hardly stand to read for very long at a time.  I knew things would probably turn out okay but everything just kept piling up against our heroine, who is under the huge looming threat of being forced to live in an institution and her life controlled completely by "Big Brother".  If any book would scare you about government officials having control to run your life to "take care of you", this series would do the trick.  So I went with a lot of anticipation of build up tension while watching this movie.
It was good, I do like this actress, Noomi, but the terrible suspense of the book was not in the movie.  I know many things cannot be transferred from written pages to visual time of movie, but I still think some of this terrible suspense could have been transferred.  The huge prejudice of the policemen in the book was terrifying.  The overwhelming hatred by one particular officer, who was willing to do anything to bring her down to her knees and even killing her, and who used the press (who was having a field day crucifying the suspect.  This particular officer even put suspicion of this press leak on a fellow "female" officer, as he hates women so much.  None of this was in the movie, so even though we had the unfeeling "zombie like" killer, and the cold unfeeling father of our heroine who could easily kill his own children, the movie did not convey the overwhelming odds against the girl kicking the hornet's nest.  Thank goodness for friends who believed in her!!  Otherwise Noomi was doomed for sure, and the movie did show that it didn't turn out well for her in the end.  Can't wait to read the third book and see the third movie in the series.  Then we have the American version coming up!!!  Can't wait to see that too.  In the meantime, so see both current movies, Dragon Tattoo, and the Hornet's Nest.  You will enjoy I'm sure.

Guess everyone has seen the controversy over the Dodge tv ad using a monkey in the ad.  I recognized Dexter's voice in their commercial so I had paid some attention to the ads.  Then the monkey turned into invisible and I was a little surprised at the quick change.  Then read that some group protested the use of a real monkey in the ad possibly causing more kidnapping of little monkeys in Africa and thus, the invisible monkey.  What a world!!!

Speaking of which, we will have Dexter back soon I think.  Can't wait to see the story after last season's ending.  How did anyone come up with the idea of making a serial killer the main character and hero of a series!!!  And how did we all fall under his spell????   What a world!!!!

Till later.  Shirl


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