Thursday, August 12, 2010


So far - so good on the pre-production route for the filming of the movie CRAWL. The heat here is still over 100 during the day - but that won't stop Nikki and I from building the set of the movie within the AC filled warehouse - which - if you watch the video blog below - you will learn lots more about ;-)

Please be sure to become a MEMBER of the site - and if you are already a member - please get at least one friend to sign up - it literally is the lifeblood for Indie FIlms - and - helps so much with gaining screening for the finished movie ;-)

Stay tuned for more updates as the approaching date for filming the THRILLER/HORROR MOVIE: CRAWL is fast approaching!

Thank you much:
Oklahoma Ward

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  1. Holy cow Craig! What a tease!!! I'm guessing it's not Duracell?

    Great update, Oak. The Studio really looks like a studio. What an accomplishment after what you had to start with. Going to build your own building? Awesome, and quite generous making these things available to other Indies at a low cost!

    I see the cats are beside themselves. Oh, the energy!