Sunday, August 1, 2010


   Here's a quick update from the state we are going to do our filming in - Oklahoma: so far we have looked at over 15 warehouses/buildings to film in - currently -  right before we make the final decision on what building we choose - we are also looking at building a a brand new 30x60x14 foot warehouse with a level concrete floor and bathrooms and edit bay - if we do this - we will be offering the warehouse for Indie filmmakers and Indie projects - for very cheap - and I do mean #extremeindie cheap! For now - Nikki and I are working furiously getting the space for the edit bay up and running - waiting on the AC guy to instal the AC for/becasue it's 107 degree HOT currently - and you all know how G5s react with extreme heat! Here's some footage for you to view of our search for buildings - more updates coming soon as we continue counting down towards filming the movie CRAWL ;-)

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Oklahoma Ward


  1. Very interesting idea you have of constructing a building and making it available for rent to other Indies. If you already have the property it is certainly something to think about.

    The first place had a lot of character. I don't know if you are only looking for a place to build the set in and not utilize any of the present structure, or if some of the warehouse walls will be utilized as part of the set.

  2. oh my,,, stop moving stuff. I cant take any more ,,,lol,,,my sides hurt,,,lol