Monday, March 29, 2010


Well - here it is - finally, right lol.
Diving right in - sans the small chat - informal - to the point...

First - check out the blog - by me - about the journey of making my second feature film:
DAY 001: MAKING OF THE MOVIE * * * * *
You will notice the title of the movie is hidden - over the coming months I will reveal one letter of the movie at a time - fun right ;-)
Maybe a contest at some point - first person to guess the correct title of the movie gets their name in the credits of the movie - hmmmmm sounds fun to me - add to that - only one guess per email address on the members list - that’s right - only people on the members list can play ;-)
I’ll have to give that some thought.
Some fast info - most of the time - this blog will be quick iphone videos - more of a vid blog - I spend almost every hour of every week creating projects with correct and tight video/film - being so loose and free from so much with just letting the iphone video run free - is a relief and just plain fun - and everyone needs a little fun from time to time ;-)
Keeping this entry short - this upcoming week - I’ll be hitting this blog hard with tons of information ;-)
Welcome all - this should be an extreme ride ;-)
Here’s a quick link for #Extreme Indie Filmmakers:
Looking forward to getting past this first blog up and running - getting all the tweaks worked out - and digging into this site and blog on a daily basis - and more importantly - getting to know you all - the fans of Indie Films - Hollywood Films - Screenwriters - Editors... and Crew and Actors - basically anyone and everyone who loves movies - passionately ;-)
Interact with you all soon - Extreme Indie people!

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