Monday, March 29, 2010


You’ve heard it - I know I have - “....actors - that’s a group of nuts!”.
You may have heard - “...they’re crazy - batsh*t - out of touch with the “real” world!”.
Well - bullcrap.

Look - here’s the thing - it’s fun to say - I know - I do - I’ve said it before - got big laughs too. Nothing like ripping down the fat cat - especially when they deserve it - and especially when they get too big for their britches - and with all that money too - I get it - I really do.
But in reality - it’s bullcrap.
Now - we all have seen some big named actor being pretty weird - or - down right stupid.
Crazy even.
We’ve all seen it - on TV - on the cover of a magazine. Read about it - heard about it - and a few of us - may have even witnessed it.
But - when we’re not being funny - it really is a downright stupid thing to say or believe. Why - well - because it’s flat wrong.
Let me share:
Let’s say - one thinks a certain actor - actor ZZZ - is nuts. Actor ZZZ stars in a movie - and one says - “there he is - that crazy actor s.o.b. - he threw apples at birds while running down Santa Monica Blvd last year!”.
Ok - actor ZZZ is a bit off - I’ll give ya that. Maybe even crazy - but - would one mind counting how many actors are working in that very same movie that actor ZZZ was in. The waitress - the cab driver - the co-star - the twenty - to - one hundred-or-so other actors. The ones working for a living - working night and day to get parts - any part. Check out that credit role - look at all those actor names - but - lets cut that number of actors down - let’s say it’s a small movie - say there are only fifteen other actors in the movie besides nutjob actor ZZZ:
.... that’s 1 in 15.
1 in 15.
Hell - I’ve worked countless jobs in my life - and on every single job - ain’t there always one crazy nutjob in a room. Is not that really the norm? Don’t we all know at least one nutbag at our own place of employment - no matter where you work/live.
In fact - as I think back to some of the oil companies I’ve worked for - they blow that 1 in 15 number away lol. Heck - have you seen the WalMart website with all those pics of well - people a bit... well... “off” a bit. Oh - and let’s not forget the Post Office - where did that slang line - “going postal” come from.
Anyway - back to all those “crazy” actors - see - for every one crazy actor one can name - I can name fifteen hard working/head-on-straight - passionate - brave actors - that work three or four jobs - work hard - do their job - and do it well. The difference is - I think - they don’t have the cameras shining on them. They don’t get the cover of the magazine for playing the role of the cab driver.
The general public - just doesn’t see the ocean of actors that do their job - play all those roles that are in a production - and do it well. No - the focus is on the ten percent that do act out - not the plethora of actors that make a movie possible in the first place - and just because one is not aware of all those actors working - the ones not on the cover of a magazine - or - not in the limelight - does not mean in any way - that they are not actors.
That brings me to the ones who love to say - well - all the actors “I” know - “personally” - are crazy.
To that I say two things:
One: You don’t many actors then. I do. I see/work with them daily - for over four years now - maybe not big named actors - but hard working - good - passionate actors - and I don’t see this mass of crazy that some love to spill about.
Second: If the only actors one “knows personally” are truly crazy - maybe the reason that is simply - crazy attracts crazy.
I’m just sayin’.
Let me go back to the WalMart scenario - look - I’m from the midwest - my family goes to WalMart almost every single day. Know how many times I’ve actually seen people looking like the people in those pics at the hilarious WalMart site - once.
So while I laugh at that site from time to time - I don’t go running around saying everyone at WalMart is a toothless white trash nutbag - now it might be fun to say and poke fun at - but it ain’t true on a mass level. I know it’s not true - for I’ve been there - many many many times. The majority of people shopping at WalMart - just plain hardworking people - just like the majority of actors.
Now - last rant point here:
The one hundred or so actors that one can/could name - that may in fact be nuts/crazy - wait - how about I bump that number up to say - two hundred - for fun sake - although I doubt one can really name two hundred - but let’s say one can - do you know how many actors are working in television/commercials/movies/theater - broadway? Want to guess that number - in 2006, the U.S. National Labor Bureau estimated there were about 70,000 employed actors in the U.S.
Two hundred - out of seventy thousand - hmmmmm.
So - maybe - the next time one starts ranting away with how crazy actors are - ask them if they think all people from the south are racist - or that all Native Americans own a casino - or that all artists sleep all day - or that all oilmen are alcoholics..... if they say yes - then maybe - just maybe - it’s not the actors that are crazy - but maybe - it’s the person stating that fact....
I’m just sayin’...


  1. I love that you are putting this into light - and sticking up for us "normal" actors who work hard. Not all of us do drugs and run naked through intersections...and when people make such a generalized statement - it really pisses me off. You are completely right.

  2. Really? That gives me hope - ya know Steve - you just made me smile big time - I think it's more how overall there seems to be people I run into at times that say - wow - your making a movie - that business seems like a bunch of crazy people, especially the actors - and inside I just smile - for I think back on the whole crew and the post people and the writers and the actors and the 50 to 200 people that it takes to pull off a financed movie - and I ask them - huh - what do you mean - and it seams they always pull out the 50 or so names we all are aware of - to which I say - actually that's a very very small percentage of the biz. Of course - don't get me wrong - there are some very odd people in this biz - but truthfully - every large company has a solid 10 to 15% of crazy - the boss who drinks - the affairs - the guy in power who knows nothing - but father owns the company - anyway - I just always fall back on the - they don't have a camera following their antics - and certain people in this biz does. Throw in the fact there's big money involved and you got a lot targets for anger - and yet - sports is gaining ground - and wall street peeps make much more money - yet no spotlit cameras following them daily - ya know - anyways - it was my rant because I personally have met the most wonderful hardworking people here in Hollywood - working on Indies and even some of the higher ups have opened their door and helped and I wanted to stand up for the people who get bunched in with a few people - because there is a TON of people that work on movies - that never get the public accolade - but do tons of work and never really get mentioned. One reason I'm looking forward to having the camera on the in the MAKING A HORROR MOVIE blog - gonna be nice to give them some coverage too ;-)

  3. WRITTEN BY: 1001Hobbies

    Spoken like a crazy film maker. ;) I guess I should stop running naked through intersections, Nikki? Ok, I guess I'll walk from now on.

    Some of us folk here in the rustbelt weren't even aware of this stigma that's been applied to actors. Nice write-up

  4. Nikki - you and the twenty or so actors I worked with on my projects - and the actors I have met in Hollywood - is the very reason I wrote the article - a bunch of hard working - ignoring sleep - hard pushing actors - who are passionate and believe in the art of acting and making movies - not a harder bunch - nor brave group of people - egoless and open to pushing themselves to bring to life the written word of a script - every time I hear someone say that general statement mentioned above - prods me to state to them - then you really don't know the actors I work with or know - for the ones that I know - work their ass off for the art of making a movie/telling a story.

  5. It's obviously much more sane to JOG through intersections while naked...

  6. WRITTEN BY: 1001Hobbies

    Agreed. Every company/industry of a given size has it's "undersireables" because people come in all kinds, and when there's a lot of them you are going to get "every" kind.

    You know the old addage: Give a customer good service and they tell one person. Give them bad service and they tell ten.

  7. WRITTEN BY: 1001Hobbies

    LMAO!! Well, when it comes to sane I try to fake it as good as I can. Thanks for the tip.

  8. You know what I was just thinking about also - it's sad how this does affect other actors in these films - the "non-crazy" ones... but I am guilty of this myself. With the price of movies these days - I find myself being extremely picky about which films I will pay to see in theaters. For me anyway - it really comes down to this... Does it have massive special effects/sound that make it a "must see" in the theaters and/or does it have an actor and/or cast that I am interested in.

    That may sound harsh - but I do believe that is how most of America judges these films. Now I know there are exceptions to every rule and there are for me - Twilight for example - that didn't have a cast that I was particularly excited about, nor did it have insane special effects - but because I enjoyed reading the books so much - I will be seeing all those films.

    But I have to admit - there are actors that when I see them in a movie - I just won't go pay to see it at the theater - because 9/10 their performance just doesn't do it for me.

    That being said - I do not pass judgment because I think an actor is crazy in real life of not... there are a TON of brilliant actors that are considered crazy - and I will still pay to see their films.

    I think really what it comes down to is this - yeah it sucks for all the other actors/crew involved in the project, but in the end - there is a reason these people are "stars" and get paid the big bucks - because people want to see them.

    Anyway - just my two cents.

  9. Agreed Nikki - as long as it's not murder or something heavy like - rape etc - I don't care what an actor does on their own time - if they bring it and get the job done on the movie - I'm there.

  10. we're all nuts, i wouldn't hire anybody who claimed they were normal or lived in the 'real world'.

    in its 100,000-year history, human society has not been able to consistently define 'normal' or find any meaning for the term 'real-world'.
    any person who defines themselves as normal or living in the real world, hasn't a clue about or a care for, their future.

  11. LOL - I love it Matt - good points. I've yet to see a definition of normal that didn't conform to what one - usually the person making the judgement - "thinks" is normal. We agree here spot on my friend.

  12. Nice try.

    I work behind the camera. I'm a feature director.

    You ARE all crazy.