Thursday, July 8, 2010

Persons Unknown, The Book of Eli and more...

Well, it has been a really unusual rainy rainy summer here!  First it was blazing hot for weeks, then the rains came.  What a year!  Anybody else keeping up with Persons Unknown?  We are, due to the fact that there is nothing else out there right now.  Not Lost by any stretch but its interesting enough to keep us coming back.  We now know a traitor in the midst and someone has been eliminated!!!  Killed, in other words.  Sounds like Daddy of the victim is involved with the baddies too!!  The victim's death is being hidden from the rest of the group still trapped in the "village." 
In fact they are being fed false tv footage to make them think she is alive, well, and happy visiting with her father.  Why, we can only guess.  To keep them more docile if they think they may have a chance to survive and get back home??  And the new character who was dropped off in town to take the place of the one removed.  Turns out she's a "street savvy" girl who was being executed in Texas when she was mysteriously snatched and dropped off in town.  When she wakes up, she's a mean mommy!!!  Doesn't trust anyone and evidently means to beat up, or kill anyone who gets in her way.  But when trapped in the bank vault with our heroine of the series, they end up bonding and watching each other's back.

Meanwhile our "planted" double agent so to speak, has fallen in love with our heroine, and is fighting the "unknowns" in charge to save her.  He has turned rebellious against the "big plan", whatever that is.  According to the ads, this series is only for the summer, so guess we will find out what's going on as time goes by.  I do like the street savvy girl's looks.  Interesting looking character.  And the plain looking girl who has already told us she is a habitual liar, she appears to be more observant than most of the other characters.  She is already suspicious of our double agent.  No one else seems to suspect him.  Hmmm.  We'll see what goes on.

Book of Eli:  Saw this since last talked to all and I'm trying to decide if it made any sense or not.  Do I really believe a blind man could survive this holocaust world?  I don't care how good he is, is this even remotely possible???  In these types of plots, I am always puzzled as to how the top bad guy or woman keeps all the bad asses in line.  And how does the Bible represent so much power possibilities?  We certainly don't pay much attention to it in this world, why would we in that world.

Talked to other people who have seen this movie and also The Road.  Some like The Road better, others, the Book.  Both were frightening to me but The Road seemed to have more down to earth problems.  It was a little hard to imagine one man in the Book being able to fight off all those bad guys.  In the Road, hiding and running seemed to be the mode of survival, although starving to death in the Road seemed to be the inevitable end.  I know the ending seemed to make the point of a few decent people still out there trying to band together and care but the optimistism wasn't exactly high in my opinion.  Both stories brought up the problem of cannibalism and I guess that would be inevitable.  In the Book there were tell tale signs of the people who decided on this path, their hands shook or something.  Quite frankly in that world my hands would probably be shaking all the time but not from cannibalism, just fear and worry.  In the Road, you just had to find out the hard way who was a cannibal and who wasn't.

I was reminded also of Mel Gibson in Road Warrior.  That was a shocker when it first came out and it still can grab your attention.  The villains are bad guys in this film.  Kids, women, and helpless trapped men were all just great fun to them.  You had the impression the world was not quite as devastated as in the Road and Book, but still pretty bleak.  Wouldn't be making many road trips in Road Warrior for sure.  Gasoline was the big pot of gold they were all looking for, which sounds like our present world, doesn't it?  In the other stories, food seemed to be the dire need.

The Book and its importance of the Bible, or literature, was the saving grace for the future.  If anyone remembers The Postman, letters became civilizations' item of hope. As I said earlier, I didn't see too much hope in the Road.

Well on other things.   Saw a bit of Inside Daisy Clover the other night on tv, after all Robert Redford and Natalie Wood are fun to look at.  Believe me, even their looks couldn't keep me watching this mess!  Talk about every clique in the book!!! 

Saw a little bit of A Face in the Crowd.  Movie made an impact on me when I was young.  Scared me to think we were all just stupid people being manipulated by the media or entertainment factor.  Great vehicle for Andy Griffith to star in.  Hard to believe anyone could be attracted to his Lonesome Jones character but who knows human nature.  Sometimes made you wonder if our Mayberry Sheriff was as nice as he appeared to be!!!  lol

Thats it for now.  Talk to you later and looking forward to the filming of your new moive, CRAWL.     



  1. It was crazy to see how Andy could play such scary bad person! I agree with pretty much a lot of what you wrote here - yet - The Book of Eli was just over the top fun I thought - and I loved the twist at the end - made me watch the movie again to see how they gave away secrets throughout the movie that he was - the way he was ;-) Believable - well - probably not lol - but fun - for a summer movie - yeah - loads of fun I thought - and who can't just love Denzel - I mean really lol ;-)

  2. Funny, just earlier today I saw a review of Face in the Crowd and put it at the top of my Netflix queue. As to media and people being attracted to someone ugly on the inside, I'll just say to look at several Presidents. I'll decline naming which ones I'm thinking of.

  3. I saw Book of Eli in the theater first. Then I bought the disc to see if they covered their bases for Denzel's character's condition, and I feel they did, quite often, and very well.

    They use the example of being able to shoot a bird out of the sky with his hearing as an example of how keen his hearing is. We all know when one sense is lost that the others become enhanced. He had been on this trek for 30 years, he says, so he has had plenty of time to develope an ability to cope. Also, he said the voice told him he would "be protected."

    I ABSOLUTELY loved this movie. I loved the hero's persona and conviction. He was a bad-ass without the bad-ass attitude. He just had something he needed to do.

    Religion has been the basis of many wars, slaughters, and ideals through history. This is because people will follow religion, and the antagonist in this story knew this. This is what he was after.

    The twist at the end was one of the best I have ever seen. I felt they were misleading you as to the "big mystery" which they seemed to hide poorly, about the book, but then when you think you have it figured out they change the game on you. That was great. I had to rethink the whole movie and I had to see it again. Then you see a different movie because you notice things that were too subtle the first time.

    As for being able to defend himself against so many in the first action scene, he steps backwards under the bridge in order to have an enclosed area, the better to hear in, to defend himself and hear where his assailants are and what they are doing. Thirty years of practice have honed his hearing to perfection.

    Yeah, you still have to suspend reality, but I didn't feel like they were insulting my inteligence at all. Remember Master Po in the TV series Kung Fu? He was blind, yet heard so much and functioned exceptionally.