Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MOVIE FAN CHAT: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Well, I love the books, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Girl Who Played With Fire, so naturally I wanted to see the movies.  So last night I saw Girl with Dragon Tattoo.  Of course I know everything can't be transferred from book to big screen but they did a pretty good job.  Funny how your mind's image of the characters sometimes doesn't match the movie's pick of characters.  I thought the main character, dragon girl, was a pretty good match except I thought she would look younger in the face due to the constant reminder in the book of how young she looked.  But I liked the look the movie gave her otherwise.  I found the most interesting part of the movie was when she was on the screen.  Also in the book we watched her keep her vigil on her evil government parole officer.  I thought the movie did a good job on the rape scene and its horrible violence.  They did give us a glimpse of bad times in her past but just to tantalize, not to clarify.

Blovist, the misaligned journalist/reporter, and his subsequent unexpected reporting job, followed the book pretty much.  I pictured Blovist somewhat older and more staid than he was in the movie, but liked his characterization anyway.  Maybe it was because I knew the outcome, etc. but thought the movie dragged a little on this segment of the story.  The evilness and the mystery of this strange family group he was working with came across very well.  They did cut out the interaction between Blovist and the one sister on the island.  Also the movie didn't go into Blovist strange love relationships with his co workers, etc.  The scenes where Blovist had been captured by the evil serial killer was very good and filmed very well I thought.

I understand an American version is being filmed.  Can't wait to see it also and see who they pick to play the parts.  Love to compare same story, different movie makers.  I am glad I read the books first and I'm looking forward to the Girl Who Played with Fire.  The book kept me in horrible suspense and agony.  Be interesting to see if the movie does the same.

Also saw the premiere of Mad Men's new season.  Will write something on this later.  Until then, see ya.  


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  1. I have not read the books, but the dragon tattoo one sounds familiar. On the notion of how books translate to the screen, it has to be a daunting task for a filmmaker in the face of the challenge that all readers have already created a look for all the characters. It is very hard to meet those preconceived images.

    In Harry Potter the artwork provided the look for the characters so that story it was easy to meet expectations. However, in books without illustrations or cover art that defines each character every reader will conjure up a different image of each character, even if the book provides detailed descriptions. For the filmmaker I would imagine it is a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" proposition.

    I would love to be in on the meetings when the decisions are made for the deviations from the book due to time constraints.