Saturday, January 22, 2011


We would like to give a special thank you to the following people - without whom - we never would have gotten the opportunity to be on Film Courage.

Michael Dittman
David P. Baker
Allen Cutler
Tresa Gates McGhee
Robert M Lindsey
Petra Cahill
Brittanyka Ann Todd
Parthiban Shanmugam
Andrea Rueda
Roxanne Hall
Jocelyn Miller
Wolf Kopp
Wayne D. Wasion
Jessica Good
Angela Leep-Gowdy
Sharon Whitley
D.L. Wilson
Ron Carter
Eric Stuyvesant
Steve Olander
Ann M. Doria
Jacquelyn Roberts
Craig Chartier
Trailer Wars
Molly DeBettencourt
Melody Khalifa
Hillary Spratford
Jeanine Neal
Shanna J. Digsby
Schwam Soprano
Shirley Ward
Liz Kopp
Robert Glenn Plotner
Ed Vigdor
Jen Judkins
Leia Billings
Marie Shaw
Nick Kopp
Danielle Rukki
Lynette Taylor Brown
Mia Von Doom
Eric Meek
Jessica Seaman
BJ Worth
Paul Reeves
Isare Lee
Megan Baylies
Jessi Renzi
Wally Milner
Kelly Willis
D.A. Sebasstian
Vanessa-May Dolphin
Mike Skatz Scasserra
Richard Purves
Ramona Maramonte
Neva Galvez
Lauren Ashley Grygo
Amy Van Risseghem
Graham Aanestad
Michael Craig
Dyana Aives
Brett Carr
James Tarpley
Adrienne Eige Grygo
Germaine DeLeon
Karlene Zamora-Billings
Homer Ward
Clay Heery
Michael Frye
Claudia Corey

We wanted to make sure to give a special thank you, because without interaction and word of mouth - independent filmmakers and independent films would not survive. We greatly appreciate the effort! 

To check out our interview tomorrow at 12:00 PST - please visit and look for the same picture posted at the top of this blog. It is on the top left of the site - just click on LISTEN LIVE directly under that picture. 

If you have any questions you would like us to answer on the show - please submit them HERE.

Thanks Again, 

Oklahoma Ward and Nicole Alonso


  1. What's funny is one of the guys listed above came from me and I can't believe any of my (64) votes didn't make it!!!

  2. Yeah - not sure why - we know you support us, we just figured with the moving and all you didn't have time. But we do love you! And you know we always have a big thank you for all the support you give us.