Friday, October 15, 2010


Pre-production is slamming forward on the exciting GROUNDBREAKING ORIGINAL ACTION-PACKED THRILLER HORROR movie CRAWL. Financing and Investors are just about all ironed out - just a few more interviews/meeting and all parties brought on board will be decided upon and thus construction break ground quickly. Currently we are looking at Jan/Feb for a shooting date - which leaves precious few days left for Nicole and I to tie up all ends of pre-production - a huge task - but one that will be met.

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I mean that.

Enjoy the update below - and I look forward to sharing the TENSION-FILLED HORRIFIC CHARACTER-DRIVEN THRILLER movie CRAWL to a venue near you soon - so you may get your SCREAM ON!


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  1. I've watched this video about 6 times now in various places. The tunnel construction is just going to work so great! With just preliminary concerns of the construction of the tunnel and the look of the dirt it looks awesome, so when you build the sections for filming it will look even more amazing.

    I might have to get at least one of "those lights" just for it's original intended use. I like to be prepared like that, and it appears to be a MUCH better light than the one you shake to charge.

    My son and I (He's also machine trades trained) are getting various ideas already for how to reach a 5D into a 20 foot tunnel, plus additional for the vertical tunnel at the end, with limited outside space. Thinking of considerations like sagging, weight, bulkiness, ease, and all the rest. The gears are turning. Just let me know if you are unable to find anything ready-made to suit your needs.