Monday, September 6, 2010

FILMMAKING: Musclin' - My Short Film - Part 4

So now comes some fun, designing the poster for the movie. It needs to have enough in image and words to get aross the the correct idea of what the movie is about and also has to provide enough intrigue to make the person looking at the poster feel the NEED to see this movie. The film has a few elements that should cause it to appeal to a great number of people. Here is the poster as it stands after 7 incarnations...

Hopefully you can click on that and see it larger.
I am not going to give those 3 elements just now because I do not want to taint anyone's views of what this poster says to them. What I want is YOUR HELP. Please let me know what this poster says to you, what it says is the big issue, if it says anything about that to you at all. Here's some more questions I would like to know your answers to:
  1. Do you see/read anything that makes you want to see this movie?
  2. Do you see/read anything that makes you NOT want to see this movie?
  3. Does it look professional?
  4. Do you believe you get what the movie is obviously about?
  5. Do you get any sense of context of the story?
After I get a few responses to these questions, some input, I will then divulge the 3 elements of this film that I believe will cause it to appeal to a wide audience. Though I appreciate people being nice and being polite to me that will not help me with this poster. I'm looking for objective opinion and creative criticism. These will enable me to make sure I have a poster that is the best it can be. Thank you!
And by the way, can you identify the two cars in the poster?
- Steve Olander

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  1. Hey Steve - good job on the poster. Just looking at the poster and not knowing anything about the movie - I see it as an action packed comedy(like along the lines of Rush Hour and those type of films) where the guy on the bottom is being chased by the 'bad guy' on the top image for some type of property that he wants back - but the guy on the bottom doesn't know what that is and has to try and figure it out to save himself. Also looks like it'll have some badass Muscle cars w/car chases!

    I would definitely see this movie just to figure out what the hell the guy wants! lol I can't see anything on the poster that would make me not want to see this. Good job!

  2. Thanks Nikki. It's not a comedy, but you are the second person to feel that from the poster, so I think the wording needs some work yet. I can see how it can be perceived as a comedy, and I think that would be a good one, but this is a cold, heartless, serious matter in my story so it would seem I need better wording. Thank you for being blunt!